Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief

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Soufiane(1)-483-2-EditSoufiane(1)-483-2-Edit Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief.

The phrase has appeared and reappeared in the lyrics of numerous songs for almost 100 years now.  It aptly describes the studio's portfolio of models.

It never ceases to amaze me, the breadth of characters we have had under the studio's lights.  Indeed, we have much of the cast of Our Town in our portfolio, including among others, the captain of the high school football team, a banker, a baker, an engineer, pharmacist, doctor, lawyer and Marine.  "Indian chief?"  Well, perhaps.  Among three Indian models in the port is one named Raj ("King").  

With Soufiane, we add a pilot.

Soufiane's session came about at the end of Covid.  With his session we've now bookended the pandemic, dividing the studio's work (and our lives) into pre- and post-Covid.  Between his flight schedules and the quickening pace of the studio's activities coming out of Covid, the session took months to pull off.  

It was worth the wait.  Soufiane is a walking definition of tall, dark and handsome.  With his exotic looks we opted for the drama and mystery of a low-key session, deep in the shadows of the studio.

Click here to see Soufiane on a day off.



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