Rainbow Encounter

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A collision with a rainbow might best characterize our work with James, a blond fashion and runway model from New England with a huge following in Japan.

James(2)-104James(2)-104 Smoke and mirrors.  Fantasy and fashion.  

It was one of the most ambitious and unusual projects the studio took on.  Charles Zambrano served as the stylist and makeup artist for the session (he went on to earn an Emmy for his makeup on the TV series Pose) and the work ranged from glamour and fashion to fantasy.  Unfortunately, in the end, the mashup of colors and light yielded striking images that just didn't seem to have a place in the studio's portfolio, otherwise focused on torso and skin.  They have languished, unseen, ever since.

Until now.  Until this week when I went searching through the archives for a suitable posting for pride month.

Given that we had all of the colors of the rainbow flag in the lights, costumes and backdrops, June seems like an ideal month to feature this work.

James' torso is slight but toned and his legs are long; the time-honored physique of a runway model.  No doubt, his classic, blond good looks has propelled his popularity in Asia.  

Over 2 days we worked with him in a variety of settings and setups.  Covering all bases, we even had James in (and out of) a Santa outfit along the way.  You can find samples of all the work in James' 2 galleries, now finally open for visitors.

Happy Pride month.  Click on the link to have an encounter with James and the rainbow.



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