Logan with the Red Hair

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LoganH(1)-155blogLoganH(1)-155blog Then there are individuals with characteristics so dominant as to define their identities.  We've all known them.  "Slim."  "Blondie."  "Happy and Sneezy."

With Logan, it's his red hair.  He embraces it as his identity.  It's his handle on Instagram (@loganwiththeredhair).  It frames his face and sparks his personality.

Fair skinned models can be a challenge to photograph.  Red hair often comes with freckles and uneven pigmentation.  Not in Logan's case.  The hair is definitely red, but his complexion was more aligned with strawberry blond.  In any event, the delight of working with him in the studio continued into post-process, as his complexion required little or no special attention.

Originally from Utah, Logan has literally been kicking up his heels in New York for most of his adult life.  A dancer and true Broadway Gypsy, he has appeared in musicals on and off Broadway and in national touring companies. 

The facial hair and bulked-up body are determined efforts on Logan's part to get past the Twink in the Chorus Line roles that he says have characterized much of his career.  At the same time, he is realistic enough to recognize that a dancer's life is heartlessly brief and he has just finished coding classes in preparation for the day he steps off the stage for the last time.  In the meantime, he's kicking up his heels for the camera.

I found some of the behind-the-scenes shots from this session to be amusing and am sharing them on this page. 

Studio protocols about "no touching" were not breeched.  Because of the lens on the camera, Alex and the model appear to be much closer together than they actually were.  The photos are a bit more risqué than reality. 

Whatever, enjoy!

Enter Logan's gallery here.



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