Tones of Amber

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It was our second time working with Zachariah and knowing the exquisitely-chiseled torso we would be photographing, we booked a trendy loft for the shoot.  We did not realize ahead of time how well the 20-year-old, Midwestern fitness model would complement the space (and vice-versa).

It's been a long time since we've worked in a large, dark space with high ceilings.  We were able to create pools of light in a sea of darkness but it was not until I had downloaded the day's images onto the computer that I noticed how monochromatic most of the session was.  In a sea of black were pools of golds, honeys and ebony.  In the midst of this gold-toned splendor we were showcasing an equistely-chiseled piece of bronze art, encassed in amber.

Zachariah has matured nicely since our first session with him in Early Covid. His boyish charm remains, but with hours in the gym each week, his torso is more deeply chiseled as his physique fills out with muscle.

For those interested in comparing the sessions, a year and a half apart, we have uploaded a second folder to Zachariah's gallery.  The Amber Session can be found alongside the Balcony Session, taken 20 months earlier.  

You can take the comparisons even further.  We have crafted photo essays from both sessions.  Collectively, they contain 7 dozen of our favorite images of the model published in hard copy magazines and as instantly-downloadable PDFs.  

For the record, it can be noted that through a sloppy error in booking, Zach's Amber Session has edged out an earlier session with Luis to capture the title of the studio's "most expensive shoot ever."  The venue rental jumped when, the day of the shoot, the landlord reclassified us as a "commercial shoot."  It was an argument in which the studio came out on the losing end, to the tune of more than $1200!  

Ultimately, Zach was worth it.  We hope you'll agree.





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