Ebony on Marble

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One of the first creative challenges I set for myself when I started physique photography was to shoot a black model on a black background.  My first attempts were as lame as my skills.  (See the bottom photo.)

More than a decade later, Brent stepped under the lights and we hit the home run.  With a black background and a white stone table doubling as a reflector, it was like placing chiseled ebony on marble.  

Of the 250+ shades of humanity I've had in front of the studio's cameras, Brendt's muscles come housed in one of the darkest pigmentations in the portfolio; and with the right light, there are abundant spectral highlights to outline the musculature.  He also possesses one of the most defined bodies in the port.  Hit him with light and those rippling muscles shine against any background!  There could not have been a model better suited to the challenge.

This was our 4th session with Brendt.  He was a referral from another one of the studio's models, Bond.  They were workmates and workout mates earlier in their careers.  

Brendt(4)-453-EditBrendt(4)-453-Edit It's fitting that we end the year with Brendt's post.  This blog began precisely ten years ago with a post announcing a new model, Bond, Brendt's workmate. 

Along the way, Bond was at Brendt's first session.  It was in a cold studio with Bond being painted as agent 007 at one end of the room and Brendt shivering under the lights at the other end.  Later that year, it was Brendt that arranged for the venue for Bond's final shoot, a stylishly retro suite in a trendy hotel that he managed.

You can find all of our work with Brendt in the gallery below.



Behind the Scenes at Brent's 1st Session

Behind the Scenes Painting a Secret Agent



Below, Jimmy Kinnard, at one the studio's first shoots on black paper.




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Sunset time. . .

Bond at Sunset

Bond retired from modeling with a 3-day extravaganza of a photoshoot.  These are the images from his last afternoon and evening as a model.  The final work of a 5-year career.  60 images, NSFW. Hard copy magazines or instantly-downloadable PDFs. 

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