Some Frantic Flag-Waving

June 30, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

This new series is a year old now but it hasn't seen much exposure.  Owing to its thematic content, it can really only be used once a year.  

That "once-a-year" time is here.  This is our Fourth of July photo session with the model Will Vorilhon (@willvorilhon on Instagram and Twitter). 

It was our second session with the model, shot last year, just 48 hours before he moved to California.  The flag, in the form of scarves, was the only prop or wardrobe used for most of the session. 

The bunting and props had been in in the wardrobe box for some time... waiting for just the right model to come along.  William certainly radiated the "All-American" look and with the July 4th holiday looming on the calendar, it seemed the right time to crack out the photographic fireworks.


William's new gallery can be viewed here.

The earlier part of our 2-session work with the model was shared last summer.  Both galleries can be accessed from the link below.


follow the model on Instagram:  @willvorilhon


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