Connecticut Yankee

April 25, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

The model came down from Connecticut by train.  It was convenient; the studio is within walking distance of Grand Central Station.

It's unusual for a 25-year-old model to be accompanied to the studio.  To be sure, he wasn't being chaperoned, however, the model arrived with his mother.  After all the Covid lockdowns and restrictions, the chance to spend an afternoon in New York City—while her son was otherwise occupied—was too tempting an opportunity to let pass.  

Mom wasn't staying for the photo session; she appeared to have a good sense of what all it entailed.   After a few pleasantries and directions to neighborhood attractions, she was off.  All attention turned to the model.

Andy has to have one of the most dedicated gym regimens of any model we've shot lately.  He certainly has the body to prove it.  As fit as he seemed to be, he had delayed the session a few weeks to finish his fine-tuning.

While most of our models are well-toned and fit, we don't shoot bodybuilders all that often.  At first I'm often overwhelmed by the wall-to-wall muscles in front of the camera.  Andy made it easy, though.  He certainly knew how to strike the classic muscleman poses and if determination and motivation count for anything, this dude will succeed. 

Andy's enthusiasm in the studio has certainly earned him a call-back.  Expect to see more of this incredibly fit Connecticut Yankee. 

Meanwhile, check out Andy's gallery as we fill it up.  More to come.




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