Bryce, Delivered for Christmas

December 20, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

With a number of private and public publishing projects competing for our time at the end of each year, we're especially happy that the photo essay Bryce-Hollywood Hills made it through the publishing pipeline in time for Christmas.  It's been in the works for some time.

Bryce is now delivered.  This is a public Christmas present to the fan of his who has been diligently reminding me of my promise (since last year) to publish this collection of our work with the California model and actor.

We awarded Bryce an honorary Oscar for outstanding performance by a nude model on a balcony overlooking the Hollywood Freeway.  Fearlessly, boldly, he stared down the traffic zipping by some 300 feet below.  The balcony was partially obscured by trees, minimizing the risk that his toned torso, twisting in the sun, was a dangerous distraction for motorists. You can catch the entire performance in the new 32-page photo essay.

I was tempted to Photoshop on a festive elf hat.  The "sun was shining and the grass was green"; this collection did not seem appropriate for a Christmas-themed post.  However, it is precisely such a Hollywood setting that is evoked in the opening lines of White Christmas; just toss in some orange and palm trees swaying. 

We saw no undulating trees, but from the balcony you could see, in the distance, the studio lot where the classic Christmas movie was shot.

And that is more than enough to inspire a sincere Happy Holidays to all!

Bryce's Gallery

Bryce-Hollywood Hills



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