Red Diaper, Optional. Our New Year's Baby for 2022.

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Announcing our New Year's Baby for 2022:  Dylan Cary

(Red diaper by Calvin Klein, optional)


Next month New Manhattan Studios turns ten years old but this month we are looking forward.  As is our tradition, for our first posting for the year we have selected a recent popular model that we look forward to seeing more of in the coming year.  Dylan Cary fits that description perfectly and we are happy to make him the lead model for 2022.

This British-born dancer has been in New York for a few years.  He's an accomplished dance professional who not only performs but teaches dance classes as well.  Beyond his lithe, athletic torso and classic good looks (if you can get beyond his athletic torso and good looks), it is the dancer in him that makes him the ideal model.  

Dylan only recently started modeling but needs little or no direction. Like other dancers with which we have worked, he has a well-honed sense of his body.  He knows intuitively how to pose, twist his torso and hold his limbs with arresting style.  He stands still gracefully.

We had the opportunity to work with Dylan before the holidays and have committed to working with him again in 2022, as soon as conditions permit.  For the record, the city has not shut down but the studio has closed all operations as Omicron crashes through New York.  Once we are back up, Dylan will be one of the first models that we reach out to.

In the meantime, enjoy the gallery of our first work with Dylan.  He is one of 115 models featured on the website.  

Our Vault contains work with our favorite models from the past ten years.  Many of the galleries are fitness and physique sessions done with aspiring models and local body-builders in our early years.  Some galleries have a fashion or erotic focus; sessions are tailored to the models needs and interests.  We have removed work with a handful of models over the years out of respect for their privacy as they have moved on with their lives, assuming new obligations and limitations.  Still, two-thirds of the nearly-200 models that the studio has worked with can be found in the vault.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with so many attractive, buff models over the past decade and plan to celebrate them.  It will be a year-long celebration that kicks off next month.  

Stay tuned.



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