Last Chance

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We had been corresponding for months. When we started getting serious about scheduling a session, Covid reared its head.  Fittingly, a year later, William was one of the first models on the paper when we resumed work in the studio.  It was just in time.  Ultimately, the first date we were both available turned out to be our last chance to work together.

This is our third Will but more unusually, this is the third one of our models to shoot with us immediately before pulling up stakes and moving to California.

Will managed to snag a session with the studio just days prior to his move.  He's landing in the same San Diego area as Norm and Bond.

Along with Will, one of our first models, and Willi, a San Francisco model, our new "Will" joins our galleries as William, and henceforth will be so known on our site.

This body-builder presents himself with an incredibly toned and cut torso, putting him precisely in the studio's sweet spot.  You don't need much light control to see definition in these abs!  Impressively, he maintains his physique with far less time in the gym than most comparably shredded models. 

We hope to see William in front of our lenses again, on either the East or West coast.  Next time we hopefully won't have a pandemic slowing the scheduling.

The full set of William's images can be accessed below.  Come back in July when we'll have a special seasonal addition to the gallery.  (Subscribe to this blog as an RSS feed using the link below.)

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