Searching for Pools of Light

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It's fitting that Broadway starts here; opportunities abound for dramatic, almost stage-like lighting. 

Lower Manhattan has long been a go-to destination for street photographers.  Surrounded by water, the triangular tip of the island offers a huge variety of shooting venues between the historic waterfront along the East River and a marina filled with luxury yachts on the Hudson.  Here countless landmarks and archetypal urban settings are nestled amid the iconic canyons of Wall Street.

Into those canyons we trekked with Trevor Jacobs.  It was one of several sessions we captured with the lithe Midwestern model more popularly known as TJ.  

The ravines cut by skyscrapers are deep and narrow. Natural light hits many of the area's old streets for only a brief period during the day, if at all.  Yet, a sizable portion of the canyon walls are panes of glass.  When the sun hits them as it arcs through the sky, beams of light reflect down into the dim streets.  Pedestrians do a star turn in the spotlight before turning the corner where a light-colored wall is reflecting a soft glow onto a plaza. To work in this environ is to spend your time chasing ever-moving, shape-shifting pools of light. 

We had the pleasure of working with TJ several times over the course of two trips to New York.  He made this first trip to New York to work with New Manhattan Studios and Keith Ingram Photography (@keithingramfoto).  A second business trip to New York provided us the opportunity to schedule additional sessions with him, ultimately a total of four times.

Earlier in the year we published our first collection of work with TJ under the title of trevor blanc. The bright, white palette of the portfolio earned a prized spot on New Year's Day on the international model and celebrity blog, Favorite Hunks.  The international publication Malesuality featured our work with TJ in issue #15. 

We now share the balance of our several sessions with Trevor in TJ NOIR, work captured with the model on location in and around his hotel in the Financial District and in the studio.  A companion piece to trevor blanc, a darker palette predominates in the 48 previously-unpublished images in the new collection.

Check for the new images we've added to TJ's "safe work work" online gallery.  You can preview trevor blanc and TJ NOIR at the links below right. 


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