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Accompanied by the friend who referred him, this tyro-in-the-studio had fun in what may be a one-time spin in front of the cameras. 

Johnafry was introduced to us by a friend of the studio.  (Yes, we get a number of referrals that way.)  It was Johnafry's first modeling session and with a powerful torso and an easy smile, he had no problem commanding the attention of the camera.  Like many a beginner before him, he took to modeling like a natural.  

His friend accompanied him to the session and assisted with lights and reflectors.  At a first-time modeling session, you never know what impact a friend's presence is going to have on the model.  For some shy first-timers, it's a confidence-booster; others become extremely self-conscious and reserved in front of a friend. 

When you're lucky, like this time, the two friends casually interact, joking, bantering and enjoying each other's company while one, incidentally, mugs for a camera. Johnafry's innate self-confidence needed no boosting and he showed no signs of inhibition in front of his friend.  The two were out together and having a grand time with this modeling session thing.  

With a medical degree from his native Dominican Republic, Johnafry is pursuing a healthcare career in the US and is skeptical about taking his modeling any further.  "But it was fun and we got some awesome shots!" 

Like many a young man who has spent hours in the gym, it was great to have all the hard work documented and validated.  And it was fun doing so, for all involved.

Check out Johnafry's photo session here.





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