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It's a meaningless number, but the fickle finger of fate has chosen the southern body-builder and med student, Nate Bell [@nate_bell08], as the 100th model to be featured in a gallery on the studio's website.  We have worked with many more models than are represented on the site, but the fact that we are opening the 100th model gallery at the start of a new decade gave us pause for reflection.

The fact that Nate snagged the bold-letter entry is a happy coincidence that mirrors the serendipity of our meeting.  The model was in from Atlanta.  We had been introduced through a mutual friend and though we were both interested in working together, I had tried to no avail to find an empty slot in the studio during his brief stay in town.

It happened, by happy coincidence, on my birthday.  I had already filled the day with a photo shoot and an invitation to out-of-town friends of the studio to stop by afterward.

Nate texted during Joshua's session that he would be available to shoot late in the evening after getting out of the theater.  It was his last night in town.  When he told me the name of the theater I sensed fate intervening to seal the deal.  At approximately the same time we would be finishing with Joshua, he would be exiting a theater less than 2 blocks from the studio.

We had a few minutes to swap out lights and set-ups before Nate showed up, on schedule.  He and a friend had come up from Atlanta to catch a what sounded like an improv performance at one of the city's concert spaces that's around the corner from our Flatiron District studio.  

I have admired this model since his earliest work with his friend Josh, an accomplished photographer [@joshmc84].  With his classic and perfectly-portioned physique, Nate, Model 100, is the very definition of the studio's type and I was grateful to have the opportunity to grab a 2-hour session with this gentle man. 

After a full day of shooting we were pretty much on autopilot.  Forgotten in the drama of the impromptu session was the outstanding invitation to the Texans to drop by after Joshua's session.  They showed up about half-way into Nate's session and were quietly ushered to front-row seats in the shadows.  There they were essentially abandoned, for which I again apologize.  I had been looking forward to meeting them, out-of-town fans of the studio who I've only known online.  Maybe next time; without such an obvious distraction as Nate.

Assisting in the studio was Rob Cline [@robnthecity], working as stylist and second camera.  Photos on this page were taken by Rob, as well as several in Nate's gallery.  In 8-plus years the studio has added 100 models to its online galleries.  Five photographers are associated with the studio, each regularly contributing work as first and second cameramen. 

We're making no claim that Nate is one in a hundred, but clearly Nate has one of the finest physiques in our portfolio.  Looking back over the long string of active and retired models in our vault, you may have to go all the way back to DZmitry, to find a torso as perfectly chiseled as Nate's. 

Nate is a worthy bearer of the honorific Model 100.  The fickle finger of fate did well this time.

POSTSCRIPT:  Nate completed his medical studies during Covid and is now addressed as Dr. Bell.


Model 100    [NATE'S GALLERY]





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