Summer in New England

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Dipping into the Vault recently, scouring for content to feed the insatiable maw of Instagram, we came across Ethan's long-neglected folder. 

Ethan's was one of the original galleries on the site.  He was featured in Berkshire Place and his art nudes have long been available in the Art Prints galleries, but we had held back from heavily promoting our work with the 20-year-old out of deference to his privacy.  Six years later, we feel it is time to bring broader attention to our work with this striking young model.

Our new photo essay, Ethan, captures the college student on summer breaks in the Berkshires of western New England.  He traveled up from New York City with the studio's assistant, Alex, and spent a number of weekends in the country as a model and assistant. 

Some of the content in Ethan was previously released in Berkshire Place or available from the studio's art prints gallery.  A majority of the images, however, are unique to this publication, including previously-unpublished explicit images. Ethan is available in a hard copy print edition or as an instantly downloadable PDF. 

Follow the links below to Ethan's published work and the galleries captured on Fire Island and in The Berkshires.  

  • Click here to preview the photo essay Ethan
  • Click here to enter Ethan's galleries
  • Click here to go to Summer Review (featured on FH Blogspot)
  • Click here to find All Things Ethan at New Manhattan Studios


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