Southern Charm in New York City

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It's pretty obvious from his demeanor and attitude that Javier is not one of the city's professional models.  He exudes a natural charm that speaks of his native South Carolina.  Javier is a New York student with southern charm (if not the drawl). 

One of several recent models who has arrived at the studio by way of Instagram, we had assumed from viewing his profile that he'd done previous modeling. 

He had modeled, "once" but he dismissed it as "just with a friend" [a very talented friend, I might add].  Beginning jitters aside, he soon became comfortable in front of our cameras and as he relaxed he became an animated and easy-going, natural model.

Yes; he spends plenty of time in the gym, but not compared to most of the models who have passed in front of our lenses.  He's a student.  His build is natural and [still] relatively effortless, it would seem.

Javier has been patient enough to work with us on some slow-moving photo sessions as we continue experimenting with lights and props in our new studio space.  Check out work from his first two photo sessions here.  And keep checking back.  Not only are there more edits coming from these sessions, but we look forward to having Javier back in the studio this summer.



UPDATE:  And return, Javier has.  Not to the studio, but to an elegant loft apartment on Madison Avenue.  See work from his third session in the new gallery Madison Avenue Loft.


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