Lancaster County

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It was some time ago now that the studio worked with not one but three of our favorite models on a horse farm outside of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  The scheduling had been so easy that we thought nothing of it at the time.  Our first three choices of models each had Monday and Tuesday off, the days the farm was accessible to us.

Lancaster County, the latest in our line of Photo Essays, is drawn from one of the studio's rare photo sessions that includes more than one model.

The models jumped at the chance to spend a couple of days on a working farm.  Our hosts made every corner of the 30-acre farm  ̶  home to over two dozen horses  ̶  available to us, as well as some of the gentler 1000-pound creatures.  

Etched in my Madison Avenue memory bank is the tidbit that Leo Burnett, the Chicago advertising agency that created the iconic Marlboro Man, learned early in the decades-long run of the campaign that they needed to move casting sessions out of downtown Chicago.  Lack of familiarity with horses and horse culture doomed most men sent from modeling agencies; they looked out of place if not downright uncomfortable on and around horses.  Within a couple of seasons the ad agency was only using real cowboys, recruited from fairgrounds and rodeos around the country. 

With no idea of what to expect, we were heading to southeastern Pennsylvania with three New York City models (from left:  Alex, Bond, Oleks).  Although they were abounding with enthusiasm, none had a farm background. One grew up in an apartment building in the Ukraine, one was from the suburbs of Buffalo and another from Metropolitan New York. 

Despite their outward bravado, their first encounters with the animals on-the-hoof was generally humbling and often amusing.  To their credit, the three quickly became at ease around the horses and each enjoyed the session.  We spent the better daylight part of two days at work on the farm.

We thought the session was so successful that we planned to return with additional models and the objective of publishing a book.  Months passed as we searched for additional models that could work out-of-town on the two workweek days.  Years passed before we realized how rare it had been that we had been able to work with multiple models and horses at the same time.  

As our original models began retiring from modeling it became apparent to us that we would not be adding more content to the Lancaster session.  Recognizing that a full length book was not to be, we are happy to publish the work now as a photo essay featuring three of the studio's favorite models over the years.  

While images from this session featuring individual models has been released in the past, this is the first time most of these images have been presented, and the first time as a set.  In addition to the 56-page photo essay, we have opened a new gallery with 25 images from the set.

It's been years arriving, but here's a happy backwards look at some of our earlier work and favorite models:  Alex, Bond and Oleks.  Preview and order Lancaster County here.



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