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We are happy to open a special gallery to celebrate the next chapter of the Bond saga on Favorite Hunks.  Over 4 years ago, the site gave birth to the Bond fantasy, an alter ego that this somewhat reclusive model has been happily projecting ever since. 

Modeling under the name Bond Brown, this young man has long guarded his online privacy (he is not on social media).  Ironically, he now holds the distinction of having been featured more often than any other model on this popular international blog.  (See links at bottom.)

The new set we debut couldn't be more appropriately named.  Tease.  Few do it better than Bond.  He's honed his bedroom eyes well since his first session.

While Bond may be teasing the viewer, so are we.  This collection comes from our recent Brooklyn Session, with much of the work recently edited for Bond's fans visiting from Favorite Hunks. 

As a reminder to returning fans and of note to new visitors, by agreement with our models, the studio does not post explicit images online.  Any digital fig leaves used on the website (as in the slideshow above) are removed from all images sold in the Art Prints Gallery or our publications.

We've shamelessly used the word "tease" and a provocative pose to get your attention.  Bond is the featured model in Captured Shadows #5, which has just been re-released in PDF format.   

It has come to our attention that a number of ebooks purchased from our fabricator, Blurb, have been defective.  Unfortunately, there is no way for the studio to exercise quality control for digital products purchased and downloaded from their site. Accordingly, we have decided to stop offering ebooks, replacing them with PDFs.

If you purchased a defective product from us in the past, please click here for a replacement in PDF format.

Going forward, the studio will be releasing all digital content in PDF format.  This universal format is viewable on almost all devices.  

We will close with the good news that Bond: Private Portfolio 3 is now in production.  Featuring work from the model's four most recent sessions with the studio, it is a companion piece for the earlier volumes, tracing the model from his first year in New York to California and beyond.  Watch for its release in the fall.

Find Bond's latest features on Favorite Hunks below:




UPDATE:   Since the initial posting of Tease, the studio has published a new collection of photographs from this session, Skull & Bonds, that takes Bond's tease much further than the above-referenced online gallery.  This special publication is definitely NSFW.  You can preview and order it here.





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The Farewell Tour

Bond at the Roxy

After 5 years and 15 sessions, this was the model's last photoshoot and it is Bond at his best.  68 pages. Hard copy magazines or instantly-downloadable PDFs.  NSFW.