Vive la France!

July 30, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

We are not normally in the habit of celebrating Bastille Day, but we recently managed to shoot two new French models just prior to the French national holiday and it's put us in a decidedly Francophile state of mind.

The summer of 2018 seems to be an appropriate time to reach out with appreciation and gratitude to our European friends.  Trade wars be damned, what better way to say, "We still love you!" to our than to feature two stunning French exports straight from the sidewalks of Paris.

Anthony was the first of the two to pass through the studio.  An Instagram connection brought his versatile looks to our attention.  He has the ability to project innocence and worldliness at once.  He can be a waif from the pages of Les Misérables or, tilt his head, a cosmopolitan millennial.  Don't let the tattoos mislead you.  Put a shirt and tie on this Parisian and you have an international banker with a graduate degree in finance and a job on Wall Street. 

Anthony's gallery is open and we're starting to fill it with work from his first session in June.  More will follow as new edits are added to the gallery over time.  We're also hoping to get Anthony back in front of the cameras later this summer so plan to return to see more.

Check out the links to Anthony's gallery below and watch for the second French import, Oliver, who's following close on Anthony's heels.


"Liberte.  Equalite.  Fraternite."

Liberty.  Equality.  Brotherhood.

Vive la France!



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