The Lost Fall

December 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

A Lost Fall. 

Regular readers of the studio's blog know that I resist comments about my personal life. The blog is about the models and their photo sessions.

However, I cannot let the blog go silent for months without comment.  In this case, the explanation is both very personal and simple:  health.  For months now I have been dealing with multiple hospitalizations and slow recoveries.  The studio has been inactive for almost the entire Fall.  The good news is that I'm ending the year well on the road to a complete recovery and I expect to resume normal operations in early 2019.

Meanwhile, some work has been going on behind the scenes and without public mention.  New galleries have opened and new publications have gone to press. I now have the energy (and interest) to start posting some of this work.  Over the next few days/weeks, I'll be adding three new models and their galleries to the website as well as providing links to new published collections.  

Resuming activity on Instagram is a bit more problematic.  I have certainly enjoyed my vacation from daily postings but recognize the commercial necessity of maintaining a presence on the platform.  Like many, however, I am deeply troubled by the near-daily news reports about Facebook (Instagram's owner) and the dark underside of social media platforms that appear to be undermining our personal, civic and national health.  I accept the well-documented thesis that people who participate on these social media platforms are less happy than those who simply stay off, as several of the studio's models have chosen to do.

Enough with the personal and soap-box rhetoric.  Back to the models.  Watch for new entries coming soon for the three men you see on the header (from the left):  Ronnie, Nelson and Tyler will be making their debuts here in the days ahead.  Stay tuned.

And to everyone, my wishes for a happy holiday season and abundant health to all in the new year.




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Bond at Sunset

Bond retired from modeling with a 3-day extravaganza of a photoshoot.  These are the images from his last afternoon and evening as a model.  The final work of a 5-year career.  60 images, NSFW. Hard copy magazines or instantly-downloadable PDFs. 

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