New Manhattan Studios | Dustin Arrives. By way of California and Instagram

Dustin Arrives. By way of California and Instagram

April 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

In more ways than one, the gallery that we open for Dustin exemplifies the changes rippling through the studio and its work.  As we move further away from our commercial roots, fewer and fewer of our sessions contain the type of fashion and fitness portfolio work that once was the studio’s mainstay.   Moving forward, an increasing majority of our work is being done in the name of art.

Compared to the commercial nature of the fashion and fitness portfolio sessions that preceded them, our non-commercial sessions now have a more single-minded focus, in pursuit of narrower artistic objectives. Overall, less time is being spent in the studio and more time is being spent on publishing and post-processing as we continue expanding our creative wings, sometimes more successfully than others.

This 6’ fashion and fitness model calls both New York and California home, but between his trips to Europe and the West Coast, we managed find time to shoot together twice last year.  Dustin is a familiar sight to many.  An established model, his visage has graced runways, printed pages and computer screens for a number of years in any number of modeling assignments.  

Our last session was briefer than normal and we parted with plans to work together again. Accordingly, we have held off publishing any of his work until we completed the anticipated session.  For the time being, we have concluded that Dustin is somewhere to be found between between his homes and Dubai or Hong Kong.  When we might get him back in front of our lenses is anyone’s guess so it's time to go public with our work-to-date.

The opening of Dustin’s gallery also reflects the way in which the Internet is changing our marketing and the extent to which one application, Instagram, is driving the schedule today.  As recently as a year ago, these blog entries, marking the opening new galleries, were where we debuted our latest work and newest models.  Today, the perceived need to feed the ubiquitous photo-sharing service with two or three photos a day means that the first place you are going to see our newest work is on Instagram.  We started posted initial edits from Dustin's work on Instagram a few months ago.

But a few pictures here and there do not a collection make; there will always be new galleries (albeit smaller, and more focused) opening on the site. And owing to the nature and limitations of Instagram's broad public platform, there will always be a place and a role for the studio’s website galleries.  A substantial portion of the studio’s work will never clear the “community standards” guidelines of most social media. 

And to prove our points, check out Dustin's new folder here.  It was harder to separate the "art" executions from the rest of the collection, so we default to an old custom:  anything requiring a (digital) figleaf will be found the the Fine Art galleries.  (Dustin's work can be found in the "recent additions" folder.)

The bottom line is this:  the world of 2017 is such that if you want to see the studio’s newest models (before they appear here), log into Instagram and start following newmanhattanstudios.  Then plan to come back here, as well.  This is where the good stuff lives.  The stuff that can’t be shared on Instagram.  Blog entries may be a bit less frequent in the future; to make sure you don't miss any, subscribe to the RSS feed by using the button on the lower left-hand corner of the screen.



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