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The Roman From Russia

February 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Roman.  How aptly named.  With his classic features and shredded physique, this man could have modeled for the face of ancient coins.  This Russian fitness model and internet celebrity sports one of the most impressive physiques to ever step before our cameras.  

In many ways, Roman and this blog entry reflects the shift in focus of the studio's business and website that has been occurring for many months. Traditionally we have used the blog to announce the opening of galleries of recently-completed work.  Our session with this model took place in mid-2016.  In order to have a full complement of images to populate a gallery, Roman's photos, most edited months ago, have remained hidden from view, waiting for "the full set" to be finished. This made sense when most of our work was portfolio sessions for models and actors.  There was a tight definition as to what was being created, it was strictly commercial in nature and often had a fashion-focus and a model expecting to see edited work in a quick-turnaround.  There was a consistency to the type of images being generated.  The studio no longer works this way.

There are three photographers associated with New Manhattan Studios, and as the lead photographer, I set the pace and direction.  In what has been a slow-moving process, the studio has shifted its focus as I have moved into semi-retirement.  As of the end of 2016, we have wound down our commercial work and tightened the focus of our activity to physique art photography.  "Art for art's sake."  Finally.

As a result, you can expect our work to look less commercial and the models to have more consistently impressive physiques as we choose the models for our various artistic projects and publishing endeavors.  More and more of our shooting will occur out of the studio and on travels around the country.  Most of it will be in pursuit of art for the Fine Art galleries and Captured Shadows.

The fact that we are based in one of the modeling capitals of the world means that we will not close our doors to all commercial work.  We still accept assignments that align with our focus on the male torso and physique art photography.  We still do physique sessions for fitness models. We still offer TFP sessions and Dude-oir sessions for singles or couples.  

We still shoot on demand; we just aim a bit more precisely when we shoot.  And we continue to seek models for our physique art sessions.  As always, we are happy to schedule sessions with qualified fitness models.  We source the models for our art projects from the men passing through the studio, whether it's a model passing through New York (as was the case with Roman) or a gym-buddy referral from another model.  

Roman is a good example of the always-on-the-move international model and an excellent example of the type of fame that attaches to models today.  An internet celebrity in his milieu of models and body-builders, he has a sizable following on a number of social media platforms.  His Moscow manager arranged for his fitness shoot on a recent trip to New York and we got in a quick physique art shoot at the end of his session.  With not enough variety to populate one of our standard model galleries, the photography is only now being made public.

gallery has been opened for Roman's fitness shots and a number of his images have been placed in the Fine Art Galleries.  As more captures from his session are edited to meet our publishing needs, more photos will be added to the online galleries.  

Going forward, we expect this will be the pattern for opening and filling individual model galleries on the site.  Content will be more physique- and fitness-oriented and art will be dropped into the galleries as it is tackled and finished in connection with various studio projects.

The other change in the studio's operating pattern is the growing portion of our time that is being devoted to publishing and distributing our work.  Fewer photo shoots, more finished art for the Fine Art Galleries and the studio's publications.  To that end, in a few days we will be announcing the release of the first of two books scheduled for this year, both part of our Private Portfolio Series.  More on that in a later post when we release Bond:  Private Portfolio 2 as a print and digital book.

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