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December 26, 2017  •  2 Comments

We have not forgotten that when we opened Bond’s New York 2017 gallery earlier this year that we promised to update the page with new work as it became available.  We have continued to edit additional pictures, primarily for publication purposes, and we are happy to announce the opening of the Bond: Brooklyn gallery.   

We have more than doubled the size of the gallery and many new images have been added to the Art Prints Gallery as well.

Most of the new work has been edited for publication or print sales including art nude and explicit images that can be found in the Art Print Galleries and in upcoming studio publications.

Bond: Brooklyn is a special feature in Captured Shadows 5.  The publication has just gone to press and will be on sale in early 2018.  At 124 pages, it is the longest publication the studio has released.  Bond is one of five featured models.

Bond has matured impressively since his first photo session three and a half years ago.  Now a grad student in southern California, Bond is a semi-retired model who's about to step into the real world of an adult-sized career with all attendant responsibilities and demands on his time.  Gone are the days when he could quickly rearrange his schedule to spend a sunny afternoon with a photographer.  These days we feel lucky to be able to work with Bond at all. 

While he's firmly embraced the California life stye, enticing Bond back to his old, home turf in New York is not all that hard.  We are happy to report that he's returning to town for a long weekend with our cameras in February.

Meanwhile, check out the new work in Bond: Brooklyn.  Don’t forget the new additions to the Art Prints galleries as well.  For a complete listing of all of our work with Bond, go to All Things Bond at New Manhattan Studios.


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Sunset time. . .

Bond at Sunset

Bond retired from modeling with a 3-day extravaganza of a photoshoot.  These are the images from his last afternoon and evening as a model.  The final work of a 5-year career.  60 images, NSFW. Hard copy magazines or instantly-downloadable PDFs. 

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