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It has not gone without notice (or comment) that there have been fewer postings to the blog (and few new galleries opened) in the past few months.  Rest assured, New Manhattan Studios is not slowing down.  If anything, New Manhattan Studios is busier than ever.  

We have noticed a cyclical pattern to the studio's work flow that is more pronounced than ever this year.  Fall is the season that we typically devote to getting the studio's work into print.  This year our publishing schedule has virtually overrun all work on the blog and website.  Indeed, in addition to having released the latest edition of Captured Shadows (Issue #4), we have started work on the fifth issue (due out this winter) and have prepared two new books for publication.  Bond:  Private Portfolio 2 will be released in the next few weeks and Oleks:  The Private Portfolio, will follow soon thereafter.


In the meantime, we have not stopped shooting.  In fact, we have models waiting in the wings (and in the studio, and down by the pool, and even a few in the bedroom).  

In addition to three new studio sessions yet to be posted, we did sessions with eight models in California in September, all of which will be appearing on the site in the coming months.  The New York City studio sessions include three new models:  Dustin, Ivan and Roman.  You'll be seeing work with five more new models (Brandon, Bryce, Mason, Tony and Zack) shot in Hollywood, plus a sixth, Renn, captured in Santa Cruz.   Finally, we will be posting new work with Andrew and Alex that was shot in San Francisco.

You will be seeing some changes on the website in the coming months that reflect the changing nature of the studio's focus.  We are slowly winding down much of the studio's commercial work and devoting more and more time to physique art photography and our publishing endeavors.  

But first up, to start the new year, next week we'll be posting our annual New Year's Day feature:  the studio's Man of the Year, showcasing work with one of the studio's most ripped physiques.  With so many models passing before the studio's cameras this year, it has not been an easy choice.  Come back on New Year's Eve to see the featured model.



In the meantime the studio wishes a happy holiday season to all, and to all, a new year filled with joy, beauty and ripped men.


Wes Triplett, lead photographer

Alex Bustamante, photographer and model

Wm Weyeneth, photographer and editor in chief






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