Captured Shadows #4 - The Kick Boxer Model

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September is typically a quiet month on the studio’s blog.  We are almost always in California on a fall trip to work with left coast models.  This year was no different, except that we added Los Angeles to the itinerary and on top of three photo shoots in the Bay Area, we shot five additional models in Hollywood.  You can expect to see that work in the coming months.

We’ve also been quiet as we’ve put the finishing touches on Captured Shadows #4:  The Kick Boxer Model, featuring Oleksandr, the Ukrainian model who first appeared as the site’s New Year’s Day model in 2015. 

To celebrate Oleks' appearance as the cover model on Captured Shadows, we are opening a new gallery featuring previously unpublished images from the session at which we captured the cover shot. 

Oleks is an unusual fashion model in that he’s also a kick boxer.  Our work with Oleks the boxer was featured in DNA magazine and online here in 2015.  We round out his professional portfolio, if you will, with a series of fashion and art nude studies taken in Central Park and an east side apartment/studio.  You've met the boxer, now meet the New York model here.

Captured Shadows #4 joins three previously-published portfolios of the studio’s physique art photography.  Find all four publications here.

Find more work with Oleks at All Things Oleks and click on the thumbnail below to preview Captured Shadows.  Additional work with Oleks will appear in Oleksandr:  The Private Portfolio, to be published in 2017.

Captured Shadows #4





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This blog is primarily about the studio’s photo sessions and the models that have worked with us.  I rarely get personal here, but every once in a while the personal intrudes on the professional and warrants note.  This is such an occasion.  As I slide further into retirement, I am continuing to ease back the studio's pursuit of commercial work.  New Manhattan Studios continues, to be sure.  We will still consider commercial projects and proposals of specific interest to us and we always welcome recommendations of qualified models.  Our primary focus going forward, however, will be on creating photos for art’s sake. . .a position where most of us would like to permanently reside.    

This decision affects both the nature of the photography and the nature of the models that will be featured on the blog and website in the future.  As we move forward, you will notice subtle differences in our work and changes on the site.

The studio began its commercial life as a provider of headshots and portfolio work for the endless flow of models, actors and actresses arriving in New York.  Many of these sessions can be found in the Models Galleries.   Over the years, we met and worked with additional models on commercial fashion assignments, from fashion shows to photo shoots.  Many posed for physique art sessions and made their way into the studio’s physique art portfolios and publications.

As the recent trip to California indicates, we continue to shoot.  As we discontinue the studio’s commercial photography business, the emphasis is less on fashion/commercial photography and more on fitness and physique art.  We are both becoming more selective in the models that we work with and are freeing ourselves to work with qualified models outside our previous bicoastal, New York and California markets.

We continue to pursue our creative instincts and are spending more time on editing and post-production.  Our blog posts may become less frequent as Captured Shadows makes increasing demands on the studio’s time.  But we are far from slowing down.

We added a fourth photographer to the studio’s fold in September.  Keith Ingram worked with us on three of the Hollywood sessions and we plan to be sharing some of his work in the future.  Also shooting with us in the Bay Area was Wm Weyeneth, the Editor-in-Chief of Captured Shadows and, of course, Alex Corso, the studio’s second cameraman, was in front of or behind the cameras for all sessions. 

Work from all four of us will be appearing here in the coming months.  You can use the Subscribe button at the bottom left corner of this screen to receive updates (as an RSS feed) from the blog when new content is added to the site.


Wes Triplett, Lead Photographer


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