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I have written before of my love of working with dancers.  The poise, grace and game that they bring to posing is unmatched by most any other models.  You can imagine our delight, therefore, to have had the opportunity to work with not one but two dancers in a photoshoot in the hills above Santa Cruz, California, this summer.

Working in the home and gardens of my close friends and accomplished photographers, Mark Grantham and Mike Tossy, I was privileged to have had the opportunity to meet two recent college graduates who are dance majors and embarking on careers as professional dancers.  Both models had shot with both photographers previously, and Mark was generous enough to provide not just introductions but the space and time to shoot on their property in a private valley in northern California.

While the studio has previously done work with multiple models, little or none of this work has yet been shared publicly on the website.  [Yet.]  This posting, therefore represents something new on the site:  galleries with more than one model and photos of two models together.  It was a natural treatment for the introduction of the work for these two.  Friends as well as classmates, they have danced together many times; posing together was easier.  Clearly they showed that they could do it without practicing.

Both are the embodiment of contemporary California:  one is Mexican-American (Gabe), the other is of Filippino-Chinese-Mexican descent (Frankie).  Both are accomplished dancers; both are striking models and both are loyal good friends.  We hope you enjoy their galleries.

View Frankie’s Gallery here

View Gabe’s Gallery here

Each models' gallery contains both solo and dual shots.  You can find additional images of both models in the studio's Fine Art Gallery

And yes, if you look closely at the shot below, you'll see that it was a busy day.  That's Bond, playing pool boy during Frankie and Gabriel's shoot.  Stay tuned to see our 2015 session with one of the studio's most popular models:  Bond.  It was our first shoot with the new Californian.


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Sunset time. . .

Bond at Sunset

Bond retired from modeling with a 3-day extravaganza of a photoshoot.  These are the images from his last afternoon and evening as a model.  The final work of a 5-year career.  60 images, NSFW. Hard copy magazines or instantly-downloadable PDFs. 

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