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Timothy and New Manhattan Studios have a history together stretching back to the summer of 2013 when Tim, then 21, ventured from his home in coastal New England to shoot with us in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts.  The following spring he made his first trip to New York City to shoot with us in the studio and on the streets surrounding Gramercy Park.  (See the blog post "First Time in New York.")  The aspiring actor, musician and model was so taken with the bright lights and the big city that when he returned to Massachusetts he changed his plans to move to California, deciding instead to start saving money to move to the Big Apple.

Tim’s Summer 2013 shoot was featured in Berkshire Place - Rockwell Country, Updated, published in 2013.  Tim was one of eight contemporary “all-American” models shot in settings around Norman Rockwell’s hometown; settings that inspired some of Rockwell's iconic images of 20th century America.  Tim was so well-received by the studio’s fans that we included shots from his city shoot the following spring in our 2014 models portfolio,  Gramercy Square.  Galleries from both earlier shoots can be found by clicking here.  Previews for both books can be found in the New Manhattan Studios Publications page.

This past winter Timothy agreed to come down to New York to work in a couple of fashion shows for a New York menswear retailer.  Tim was one of several New Manhattan Studio models featured in the two shows held at venues in Hell’s Kitchen, the trendy residential neighborhood just west of New York’s theater district.  He arrived in the city in late February, planning to stay for the period between the shows.  But life had other plans for him.  Tim is not the first person to arrive temporarily in New York and not escape.  Tim is now one of our "newest" New Yorkers.  

Between the two shows Tim came into the studio for the photo session that is featured here.  After the second show he was offered a job working for the store that had hosted the shows.  As of this writing, Tim has never returned to New England.  We have been fortunate to have him in front of our cameras again and he has started working as an occasional stylist and production assistant as well as model for the studio.

In off hours, Tim can be found hawking Broadway shows to tourists in Time Square, chasing down theatrical agents, and exploring the city with his new girlfriend.  He has already appeared on a television show and in one of the city’s top comedy clubs.   

You can check out his latest work in his 2015 gallery.  Included are studio shots, location shots, and a brave, bare-chested shoot in a snow storm in Madison Square.  A select collection of Timothy's work is also featured in the studio's Fine Art Gallery. We expect Tim to be working with us off-and-on in 2015, both in front of and behind the cameras.  He's also agreed to work with us on a private portfolio, a collection of his images that will span a two-year period that starts with summer of 2013.  

To complete work on the Private Portfolio project, Tim's diligently working out in the gym, intent on showing notable physical progress from the 21-year-old New Englander to the 23-year-old New Yorker.  If you're one of his many fans, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog (on the lower left corner or this page).  You'll be the first kid on the block to get word when the book is finished.

By the way, that’s Joe, helping out as the stylist on Tim's February session.  A friend of the studio, he’s the manager of the store that's now Tim's day job.  Every aspiring actor has one.


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