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March 31, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

On April first we opened a new corner of the website with new offerings for the fans of the studio and our models:  The Fine Art Galleries at New Manhattan Studios.  These galleries will showcase many previously unreleased photographs of our work with selected models.

Most of the models that work with New Manhattan Studios are drawn from the modeling pool of metropolitan New York and most are professional or semi-professional models.  While some models pose for implied, partial or full nude studies, the studio only distributes explicit images in hard copy format.  By agreement with the models, the studio does not post explicit images online out of respect for their personal and professional lives.  Heretofore, such images have only been available in the books that the studio publishes.  

With the opening of the Fine Art Galleries, such images are now being offered as fine art reproductions, available for purchase in a variety of sizes and media ranging from small format prints to matted enlargements, canvas wraps and do-it-yourself books.

Art in the main Fine Art Gallery (off the homepage) will be rotated periodically with new images and models being circulated through the gallery over the course of the year.  Images will generally be online for 90 days.  You will also find additional Fine Art galleries as subfolders within individual model galleries.  These "sub galleries" will generally be open for a limited period of time when a new model debuts on the site.  You can find one such example in the recently opened gallery for Willi.  When an individual model's fine art gallery is closed, the most popular images will be transferred to the main fine art gallery.

Not all photographs in these galleries are explicit or full frontal nudes.  When explicit images appear in the galleries we will use "digital fig leaves," or distortions, to mask portions of the photographs in order to comply with our promise not to distribute digital copies of a model's explicit images.  All such distortions will be removed when prints are made for sale.  We readily concede that all of this sounds rather "old school," but these are art galleries and New Manhattan Studios is not a pornography site. 

Click here for more information on how to order from the Fine Art Galleries and what products are available.

It has always been possible for models and viewers to order prints directly from all galleries on the website (and still is).  The new Fine Art Galleries now make it possible to purchase art that has previously been restricted to the studio's print publications.  We hope you enjoy them.



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