Gym Buddies

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Norm could win the contest for the best youngest physique in the studio’s portfolio.  This avid body-builder and natural athlete is a gym buddy of the studio’s production assistant and stylist, Alex.  They’ve known each other for a little over a year, which is notable since Norm is only 18 years old.   

This was Norm’s first time in a professional modeling session but his initial shyness was soon overcome.  With the encouragement and direction of his good friend, Alex, he was soon striking poses that seemed to come naturally to the young body-builder.  And the camera loved him.  It's always easy to light for such marked definition.

Norm has been working out for less than two years and the results he’s achieved are testament to the responsiveness and malleability of the young adult body.  But it’s come with a lot of hard work; Norm admits to a gym regimen that most of us would find daunting if not  impossible to maintain.

Alex can recall when Norm first showed up at the gym a couple of years ago.  Alex remembers, “He was really, really skinny.  And now look at where he is.”  

Indeed!  Check out his gallery here at New Manhattan Studios by clicking here.

We hope to keep tabs on this young man and to have him back in the studio periodically to document his continuing progress.


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