New Year's Eve in October

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What more pleasant way can there be to celebrate New Year's Eve in the cold northeast than to spend a few hours opening the gallery of a photo session shot around a sunny California pool and terrace in mid-fall.  This week we finally finished editing the studio's first work with a 19-year-old model from Northern California, Andrew.

We met and worked with Andrew at the home of our good friends and fellow photographers, Mark Grantham and Mike Tossy.  It was a busy day but we shared the workload.  In the morning we shot the second of our California sessions with the ex-New York model, Bond Brown. Before we finished working with Bond, Andrew arrived early, eager to get to work. 


As a matter of studio policy, there are always two persons present at each model's shoot.  In addition to the lead photographer, a stylist/production assistant is on hand, often also shooting part-time with a second camera.  Alex typically fills this role in the New York Studio.  The "we" in this case refers to the studio's West Coast associate, Wm Weyeneth, who not only serves as a talent scout on the West Coast, but is also our Editor-in-Chief and a mastermind behind the studio's many publications.

When Andrew arrived we split camera duties and Bill picked up the second camera to finish up with Bond while Andrew and I tackeld paperwork and wardrobe issues.  Bill joined us early in Andrew's session as Bond marched off in another direction to work with Mark Grantham.  As I said, it was a busy day and cameras were clicking all over the place.


At the very end of the day we split camera dutues again and I finished the afternoon shooting with Bond while Bill finished our work with Andrew.  I mention all of this now for a reason. Over the course of 2015 the studio has presented the work of three photographers.  To date, we have made no attempt to segregate or identify the work of individual photographers on the website. We are each proud of our work but none of us has an ego that needs that type of massaging.  Collectively, we are New Manhattan Studios.  On a more practical note, we are frequently handing the cameras back and forth as lighting and specific conditions may warrant the use of one camera or lens over another.  At the end of the day we have typically captured well over a thousand images and it is nearly impossible to separate one photographer's work from aonother's when all of the media cards are downloaded into a big folder for editing.

That said, the closing post of the year seems like a perfect time to give credit where credit is due and I am happy to single out two of Bill's images from Andrew's shoot.  They are the first and last photos on this blog page.  Several more appear in Andrew's gallery but as referenced, they are not individually credited.  (And check out the first blog post in 2016 when we highlight some of Alex's recent work.)

Now, as for Andrew, let me just say that he is a delight to work with and a gem that we are happy to add to the studio's portfolio of work.  In addition his personal gallery, be sure to check out several additional photos of Andrew featured in the Fine Art Gallery.  We not only thank Mark and Mike for the introductions, but we look forward to working with this up-and-coming young model in the year to come.  Which starts shortly. 

Happy New Year to all!

Wes Triplett, head photographer and blogmeister


PS:  Return in early January to meet our New Year's Model for 2016.


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