Autumn Palettes

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The OrchardThe Orchard, from Bond's Fine Art Prints Gallery The end of October brings crisp nights, falling leaves and the scent of apples.  October's name alone brings to mind thoughts of Halloween and palettes of orange, black, and the warm earth tones of the autumn landscape.  The photo sets that we add to the studio’s public galleries today are a fitting complement to the season.

First off, we have our good friend Tye Briggs and his immensely popular Favorite Hunks & Other Things blog to thank for focusing our attention on our ongoing work with one of the studio’s most popular models.  Favorite Hunks is a showcase of talent, featuring the work of both photographers and models.  If you haven’t already been there, be sure to check it out.

When Tye recently asked for a handful of pictures of Bond Brown from what we now refer to as the Orange and Black session, we were happy to comply.  It had been his intention to run one or two “new” shots around Halloween, photos that he had not used when he first featured Bond on Favorite Hunks now exactly one year ago.  Going in search of photos that had not previously been used we found ourselves reviewing not just the edited work from last October’s session, but perusing the folder of unedited raw files as well.

It’s always fun to return to a long-closed folder from an earlier photo session.  With fresh eyes I find new favorites and inevitably I encounter a handful of images, each begging the question, “How did I miss this?"   Almost always I'll find additional pictures that I want to edit and such was the case here.  So today we are happy to add a number of new pictures to Bond's October 2014 GallerySome are being featured on Favorite Hunks this weekend, others can be found only here.

But while we were prepping the new work for Favorite Hunks we decided to speed up the editing of our most recent work with Bond.  Earlier this month we were fortunate to have Bond back in front of our cameras for a quintessentially Fall photo session in an apple orchard in a secluded valley in the hills above Santa Cruz, California.

Bond’s fans will be happy to learn that the apple orchard session is part of a larger project that’s in the works.  We have shot Bond three times this year; twice in California and once in our New York City studios. Following up on last year's popular Bond – Private Portfolio, a 76-page book showcasing Bond as a New York model, Bond – Private Portfolio II will feature our work with Bond in 2015.  This gallery is a sneak preview of the California sessions included in the upcoming book.

And please note, that we have added new work to Bond’s Fine Art Gallery online here; new images both from the Orange and Black session and from the recent session in the apple orchard.  For those that venture that far we’re making a special offer:  a Fall Sale that’s good for the balance of the year.  Order any five images from Bond’s Fine Art Gallery for $15.  You’ll receive 6” x 9” gallery-quality prints on your choice of paper.  Click here for more details.

And be sure to keep watching this space for news on the publication of Bond’s 2015 Private Portfolio.  You can use the “subscribe” button on the bottom left of this page to subscribe to our RSS feed.  We generally do two posts to this blog each month with news from the studio.  Subscribers to the blog will be the first to hear about the publication of the book and receive a pre-publication discount offer as it goes to press.




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The book Bond - The Private Portfolio is now available in e-book as well as hardbound and paperback editions.


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