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If New Manhattan Studios had an award for best defined abs or most toned body, Moses would certainly be in the running to claim either title for 2014.  Clearly, he has one of the best-defined bodies that we've worked with this year.  (Well, any year, for that matter.)
But there's something else that sets Moses apart from most models.  He has a couple of passions not uncommon for a young man of his age:  working out and dancing.  And he has a tattoo.  But what can you say about a model who has a quote by Friedrich Nietzsche on his thigh?  
Read it and you'll appreciate that he clearly takes dancing very seriously.  And that he's well-read and uncommonly sophisticated for a young man of 27.
Moses came in for a fashion shoot with us this summer.  Hearing that modeling is only a part-time pursuit, I was surprised to learn that he's worked with one of the top physique photographers in metropolitan New York.  It turns out that Moses was his neighbor!  They're good friends, neighbor-helping-neighbor.  Nonetheless, it was a bit intimidating to follow in the footsteps of one of the industry's legendary photographers.  
In any event, Moses was a delightful model to work with; at ease and relaxed under the lights and with a camera-ready smile astride his extraordinary physique.  But with an executive-level job in Manhattan, he pursues modeling more as a hobby to see where it may lead.   He'd do well as a print model, though; he easily projects the glamor of the fast-paced, cosmopolitan, junior exec that he is in real life.
We were lucky to snag Moses when we did.  He took off for a vacation in the Philippines, where he has family, just days after we shot.  Upon returning stateside his plans were to move into an apartment in Manhattan.  With luck, we'll get him back in the studio.  His new digs aren't all that far from our Manhattan base.
Check out Moses' gallery here.  A video presentation of the images from his photo shoot can be seen here.


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