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June 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

We closed the studio at the end of April for three months to catch up on a growing pile of unedited work:  photo sessions with models dating back to late winter.  But in addition to a backlog of work to attend to, it was vacation time.  During the three-month hiatus from the studio, trips were (and are) planned for California, the Midwest and New England.  

Before leaving town on the first trip, however, one last photo session was scheduled for the studio in New York.  Quite unexpectedly a photographer and friend in Northern California referred a German model to us.  Unfortunately, Michael would be arriving in New York after the studio had been shut down and just days before we were scheduled to depart for the Midwest.

Despite (or maybe because of) the unorthodox and round-about referral, we went out of our way to schedule a straightforward TFP portfolio shoot for the young German, just embarking on a modeling career in Europe.  He would only be in the US for just over a week but fortunately we found time on each of our schedules and the studio was reopened for a single 3-hour session in early May.  

It was worth it.  We have worked with many international models, but Michael is our first German model.  Amusingly, though, this is the third Michael that has earned a gallery on the studio's website and to compound the use of the name, the referring photographer from Paradise, California, is also named Michael.

He turned out to be yet another one of those models whose presence in the studio did not prepare me for how well the camera would capture him.  The man is extremely photogenic.  Moreover, with his tall, lean physique and classic good looks, Michael is tailor-made for runway and fashion work.  

We wish him well on his modeling career and hope that he finds his way back to the studio on what we would like to think will be many subsequent trips to New York.  We hope that he's as pleased with our addition to his portfolio as we are with including him in ours.  Check out Michael's gallery here.

Days later the studio was closed until July but the cameras did not stop clicking.  As mentioned, we had planned a respite for travel and to catch up on several unedited photo sessions hanging over us from the late winter and early spring. However, after four photo sessions in California and yet more sessions to be scheduled in Western New England in the weeks ahead, "respite" is hardly an appropriate term to describe this time.

Keep an eye open for work with two new California models plus a new session with one of the studio's most popular models:  San Francisco's latest New York transplant:  Bond.  To receive updates through the studio's RSS feed, you can subscribe to the blog using the link on the lower left of this page.


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