a full-service photo studio specializing in headshots, fashion, fitness and
physique art photography

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New Manhattan Studios is a New York City-based photography studio specializing in head shots, fitness and physique art photography.  
With facilities in Manhattan and Brooklyn, our principals have more than forty years experience in advertising, marketing, photojournalism, fashion, editorial and travel photography.  

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  • Wesley Triplett, Lead Photographer:  triplett@newmanhattanstudios.com
  • Wm Weyeneth, Photographer; Editor & Creative Director, NMS publications: weyeneth@newmanhattanstudios.com
  • A. Bustamante, Photographer and Stylist:  alex@newmanhattanstudios.com
  • Modeling Inquiries: models@newmanhattanstudios.com
  • More Information: info@newmanhattanstudios.com

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Guestbook for New Manhattan Studios
3.New Manhattan Studios
By agreement with our models, we do not release digital versions of any explicit images. However, we continue to explore the new offerings from Blurb (which now include inexpensive magazine formats) and will be using all formats that allow us to honor our commitment to publish images that will not quickly find their way to the web. Eventually we hope that this will include ebooks, too.

W.T. /New Manhattan Studios
2.Richard King
I have registered more than once on this site, because, as a long-time avid amateur, I admire your naturalistic style. I was looking through the model videos as I hadn't been here in a while, and noticed that for 'Willi' there is some listing of photographs available for display only to registered viewers. I'm interested in buying, but where do I access those photos? Also, I did purchase one of your Blurb presentations on e-book. I really don't want to buy more paper books--will you be making your other publications available electronically? I hope so!
1.Mark Montovio(non-registered)
An amazing body of work!
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