All in the Family (Episode 3)

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It's always special when one model refers another to the studio.  It's even more special when the referral is a family member.

Such is the case with this gallery.  Tatiana is the wife of one of the studio's most popular models. To extend them just a modicum of privacy, we'll refrain from putting both their names in writing in the same post.  (Maybe it'll escape the all-seeing, ever-prying eyes of the search engines.  But probably not.)  The intent observer here, however, should not have any problem connecting the dots.

One of the nicest compliments the studio received in the past year came from this attractive young lady.  When her husband showed her the pictures from his session with New Manhattan Studios her response was, "Now I remember why I married you!"

After the model relayed her comments it only took another week or two before we had the wife in the studio, too.

Tatiana is not a model.  She had never posed for a photo session before.  It took a bit of urging on her husband's part to get her into the studio but once there, she was a natural, every bit as poised and photogenic as her agency-represented model husband.  

After the first few minutes of awkwardness (that every new model experiences), Tatiana relaxed and had a great time at the session.  But she happily shared the fun.  It was only a matter of time before the entire room was in on the action.  Her husband and the studio's assistant, Alex, wound up on the paper with her for a series of dual and group shots.  As the saying goes, "And a good time was had by all."  

The two photos here are among my favorites from the session.  I have built all sorts of imaginary story lines around of the question, "What is she whispering in her husband's ear?" and I invite the reader to join the fun.  If anyone has and printable suggestions, please share them using the link below.  You can see more of Tatiana (and the husband) in her gallery here at New Manhattan Studios.
Repeatedly during the course of the session I was struck by how much Tatiana reminded me of a young Mary Tyler Moore.  But I didn't even bother mentioning the resemblance to her.  Since she had grown up in Eastern Europe, some twenty-five-plus years after the heydey of the Mary Tyler Moore Show, it was pretty obvious that the cultural reference would be lost on the first-time model.  
Will the attractive Tatiana pursue a career in modeling?  It doesn't sound likely.  While she clearly had fun at the session, she seemed quite content with the idea that one model in the family is enough.  Pity.



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