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Welcome behind the scenes.

The band running across the top of the screen is a timeline for the models as their work has been added to the website and the blog.  Moving through the blog you will find stories about the models and their photo sessions.  Each model has a blog page and that page has all the links you'll need to explore the model's work with the studio.

Many of the followers of this blog are fellow photographers and it is primarily those readers that I have in mind while writing.  All visitors are encouraged to take part in the discussion with comments and questions about the models or the studio.   Most of the models featured on the blog are professional or semi-professional models working in or passing through metropolitan New York.  If you wish to contact a specific model with a legitimate job offer, you may click here.

On the blog you'll get first glimpses of upcoming models and first peeks at new photography from the studio.  We generally post once or twice a month, co-incident with introducing new models or work.  You may subscribe to the blog (as an RSS feed) and receive the updates as they are posted by clicking on the "Subscribe" button on the bottom the page.

In the City

December 30, 2017
Few models have stood before our cameras more often than Norm but this may be the last chapter. He first worked with us at the age of 18 when he followed his gym buddy to...
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Bond: Brooklyn

December 26, 2017
We have not forgotten that when we opened Bond’s New York 2017 gallery earlier this year that we promised to update the page with new work as it became available. We have...
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Bringing the Devil out in Timothy

October 28, 2017
Blond and eminently capable of pulling off a preppy look, Timothy has long been one of the studio's most popular models. Our history goes back to 2013 when we worked with...
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October 13, 2017
It seems entirely fitting to follow Bond's most-recent posting with the introduction of Nick. They both hail from the same hometown in western New York. The farther from...
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Bond's Return to New York

September 24, 2017
Summer on the Brooklyn waterfront. It felt like we were back where we belonged. For those just entering the conversation, since early 2014, this trio of photographers and...
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I'll Keep You Wild

September 05, 2017
This Venezuelan is our second "Peter" and one of the more intriguing models with which we've worked. He left his challenged homeland some three years ago and now watches...
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DOUBLE ISSUE:  Five portfolios featuring the work of four photographers and five models, including cover model Dustin, Roman, Nick, Norm and a special feature Bond: Brooklyn.