Bond De-Tux

The Last New York Session

Bond-Behind the Scenes

The young model, new to the studio, was moving to California.  We expected this to be his last session and we planned it with a Valentine's Day theme.  The tux was sizes too big, however, and getting him quickly out of the ill-fitting clothes sparked the young model's tease buttons.  Mentally assuming the character of the secret agent, 007, it resulted in Bond's first work as an erotic male model. 

It was far from Bond's last session, however.  Enjoying the work, he kept coming back for more.  We shot him ten more times, in California, Florida and New York.

The video presentation above features dozens of shots from the shoot, including many behind-the-scenes glimpses of one of Bond's earliest shoots. The resulting photo essay, Bond De-Tux, features the best shots from the session.

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