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Captured Shadows is the studio's physique art portfolio, published in instantly-downloadable digital editions and for collectors of such art, in deluxe, hard-copy print editions.  It showcases the studio's work with the many national and international fashion, physique and fitness models that have collaborated  with us in our New York studios and on location around the country.

Most issues feature five or more portfolios and work with three or more models.  NSFW.

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The Private Portfolio Series is a collection of single-model studies featuring models with whom the studio has done multiple photo sessions over extended periods of time.  The series showcases the best of our work with the featured models and some images may have been published in Captured Shadows or other studio publications. Most of the photography in each book is previously-unpublished art, including explicit images available only in this series.  NSFW.  

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Photo Essays are special themed collections of images typically drawn from a single photo session with the featured model.  They range from bite-sized stories to longer themed photo essays.  All include explicit images and are Not Safe for Work (NSFW).  They are priced according to length, starting at $4.99 for digital downloads and $9.99 for print magazines.

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Books & More  All of the studio's publications are available in digital and hard-copy format.  Most of the books were designed to be sold in print format and are available as deluxe collectors editions, hard cover books printed on premium papers. Digital editions are identical in content.

The studio offers a range of customizable calendars and books.  Customers can select the art for custom calendars that start on any year specified and include special dates such as birthdays and anniversaries.  Customers can also create their own books by selecting art and combining art from any of the studios galleries.

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