As with all aspects of our lives, some models pass through the studio, never to be seen again.                With other models, a first photo session is the starg  t of a longer creative relationship with the studio.  


The studio has an ongoing relationship with a number of its models.  We have photographed many of them over a period of time.  

A limited number of the models are available for privately commissioned work, either doing additional sessions that have been used on our website or posing for private sessions for work that is owned by the patron. The studio has also scheduled private photo shoots with non NMS models that have been referred to us by clients.

If one of our models has captured your fancy (or fantasies) and you would like to inquire about commissioning a private photo session, 

If you wish to see more of a particular model, the options are several.  For a modest amount, some patrons have sponsored photo sessions with favored models with the resulting work appearing in the Fine Art Galleries.  Others have commissioned single photographs delivered as fine art prints.  One patron has commissioned a private photo session to his specifications for a body of work that would not be circulated.  

There is no set rate for privately-commissioned work.  Fees are dependent on the model and nature of the commission.  Sponsored photo sessions have started as low as $100, and privately commissioned works have been negotiated between $250 and $1,000, depending on the model, the complexity of the shoot and the end-product delivered.

New Manhattan Studios acts as the negotiator and agent in all such transactions and retains all rights the images captured.

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