The studio currently employs three photographers with over 50 years of experience in publishing, fashion and advertising photography, photo-journalism and shooting for fun.  It is difficult to generalize about the work of three artists employing different styles and sensibilities. Further, most photo sessions are joint efforts with the model and some of our best images are the sparks thrown off from an active collaboration on the set.   

Nonetheless, the studio does adhere to some basic precepts and standards when it comes to displaying, selling and publishing its work.

  • We always strive to showcase the model at his or her best.  
  • The physique is the subject
  • We value art over salaciousness. 

Models are hired for the studio's physique art publications with the understanding that they will be posing in the nude for publication.   Depending on the model, some studies may have an erotic edge, others may be more demure or strike classical physique poses.

We sell our physique art as gallery prints and publish books and magazines in hard copy format as well as eBooks.  We ask our clients to honor our commitment to preserving the models' privacy by not reproducing or sharing their images in any electronic form, forum or format.