MODELS - The model galleries on the site contain fashion, physique and portfolio work from a variety of commercial and non-commercial sessions taken by the studio over a number of years. Many models featured on our site have an accompanying blog post that talks about their photo shoot.  For some models there are video presentations of larger sets of images from their session.  

Prospective models should download the FAQ sheet (right) that discusses working with New Manhattan Studios and see the modeling opportunities page.


*A COMMITMENT TO OUR MODELS - We are grateful that our models trust us as artists to photograph them in this manner.  In turn, we pledge to respect their private and professional lives and not to release any explicit digital photographs on the Internet. We use digital fig leaves when displaying such art online.  Digital distortions are removed when images are sold or published.  

We distribute our work as fine art prints and publish books and magazines in hard copy format as well as eBooks. We ask our clients to honor our commitment to the models by not reproducing or sharing their images in any electronic form, forum or format.