The Art Print Galleries at New Manhattan Studio contain explicit and NSFW images of models captured by the studio during its first seven years.  They can be purchased as gallery reproductions on premium, gallery-quality papers in a variety of sizes suitable for framing or collecting.*  

Since introducing the studio's series of Photo Essays, the Art Print Galleries were moved into the studio's archives and no new images have been added to the galleries.  Today, the photo essays are the means by which the studios distributes NSFW and explicit images of selected models 


As you continue in the Art Print Galleries, note that some images may contain digital fig leaves or other censoring distortions.  By agreement with our models, the studio does not post any explicit photographs online.  Any such distortions on art nude images shown in the online galleries are removed in the printing process and all orders are shipped without the studio's watermark or any censoring overlays.


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