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Ending the Year on a High Note

December 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

We first worked with Norm in the middle of the winter, nearly a year ago.  It had been the 18-year-old's first professional modeling session and while he certainly had a physique to be proud of, he exhibited a measure of shyness that you would expect for a first-timer before the cameras.  He seemed to enjoy the session, but it didn't come as a big surprise when we didn't hear from him again after the session.

Well, obviously Norm was just biding his time, working on his already-ripped physique and preparing for a return to the studio that would impress the cameras. 

Norm and Alex, our production assistant and second cameraman, still work out at the same gym and see each other from time to time. This fall he started asking Alex about scheduling a second session.  Indeed, he was so eager to get back into the studio to document the progress he had made this year that it seemed as though we couldn't get back to him quickly enough with a date for a second session.

Finally, in late November, we managed to agree on a date for his second photo shoot.  And worth the wait it was!  Not only was his physique more chiseled and defined than ever, but he'd taken his confidence as a model up several notches as well.  He exhibited little of the shyness of the 18-year-old first-timer that we'd noted last winter.  Indeed, he even agreed to pose for physique art work that we have included in the Fine Art Gallery.


It is entirely fitting that we close the year with a second gallery for this young body-builder.  In the space of approximately nine months, Norm has gone from timid first-time model to ending the year with the distinction of being one of the most impressive models that came before our cameras in 2015.  If you have any doubts, check out his second gallery here.  And stay tuned, we hope to be able to continue documenting the progress of this young body-builder in the months and years to come.



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