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Luca is one of several international models that we have worked with.  He is more unique in that he is only one of two professional dancers that have come before the cameras at New Manhattan Studios.

Luca is also one of the models discovered by Alex, the studio’s stylist/production assistant/talent scout.  They met each other on one of the popular social media sites and Luca was quick to seize the opportunity to add photos to his professional portfolio.  When we discovered that Luca lived only three blocks from our home base in Manhattan, the scheduling was easy.

Fortunately, the scheduling was easy.  At twenty years old, Luca is a professional ballet dancer with an Italian dance troop with a permanent base in New York City.  However, Luca’s visa was expiring less than a week after our photo session.  We scrambled to get him into the studio and just days after our session he was on a plane bound for Milan. 

Working with Luca was a special delight; professional dancers of this caliber are athletes of the first degree.  But beyond their amazing physiques, they also possess an agile mastery of their body that is unmatched by virtually any other model.  In motion, Luca was fluid beauty, but even standing still, Luca radiated an elegant grace that shines through in the photographs.

We hope to have the chance to work with him again.  Time (and visa renewals) will tell.

[August 2015:  Luca has, indeed, returned to the studio since this blog entry was first posted.  Click here to find a listing of All Things Luca at New Manhattan Studios.]


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