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Roly, Session 1: New York City Studio


Roly’s pictures are not new.  They are, however, newly-released.  Roly worked with the studio in 2012 and 2013.  Most of the files from his first session were lost in a hard disk crash and initially we had held back opening his gallery hoping to find back-up copies for all of his work. 

While copies of the full two sets may yet surface, we are not holding back sharing Roly’s images any longer.








Roland Szegi Roly’s was one of the last photo sessions in our original Manhattan studio, back in the summer of 2012.  Moving to the States, this Hungarian soccer player had capitalized on his impressive looks and physique to jump start a successful career as a print and runway model in New York.

At the time of our first photo session he was spending the summer managing a popular night club on Fire Island, popping into the city for modeling gigs between days spent on the beach and nights in the club.  Not a bad lifestyle for an attractive 26-year-old with a killer accent. 

The first shoot, a fitness session, was successful and it was agreed that he’d come back for a second session at the end of the summer.  Ultimately timing did not work out for either the studio or the model and Roly’s second session didn’t happen until early in the winter of 2013. By this time, with an eye on the future, Roly was studying to get his real estate license.  And when the second session finally happened, it took place in Cortlandt, New York, not the city studio.  

The images on this page are from the first session in the summer of 2012. All but four of the images in Roly’s gallery were taken in Cortland in the Winter of 2013.  Fortunately Roly’s winter session was every bit as successful as his first and Roly is one of six models to be featured in New Manhattan Studio’s book Cortlandt Manor. In addition to a gallery with 32 images, Roly’s folder contains a video presentation of his work with the studio. 




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