The studio's roots in photojournalism and storytelling are reflected in our Photo Essays, special themed collections of images.  Typically drawn from a single photo session, they range from bite-sized stories to longer themed photo essays.  Most tell a story or illustrate an individual photo session with the featured model.  All include explicit images and are not safe for work (NSFW).

Instantly-downloadable PDFs are priced from $4.99 to $16.99.  Essays are also available in a premium hard copy, magazine format, priced by length, starting at $9.95.







A 21-year-old body-builder from upstate New York spends a long weekend in New York City in front of the studio's cameras.  

36 pages, NSFW - $7.99 PDF / $11.95 Print

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The Colombian model is featured in 44 images from the beaches and dunes of Fire Island and our New York City studios.  Camilo's gym permitted socially-distanced workouts at the time of our sessions and the model had one of the fittest Covid-era torsos that we've captured.  More here.

44 pages, NSFW - $8.99 PDF / $17.95 Print

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ALEX/Green Shadows

Three portfolios of the model captured in the lush greenery of a New England summer.  Originally from a private commission captured for one of the model's fans, the erotically-charged content is being shared publicly for the first time.  More here.

48 pages, NSFW - $16.99 PDF / $19.95 Print

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CRISTIAN/Fire Island

This 6-foot tall Colombian model was captured on the beaches and in the dunes of Fire Island, the fabled gay resort community on a barrier island 2 hours east of New York.  More here.

32 pages, NSFW - $6.99 PDF / $11.95 Print

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The lush greenery of August afternoons in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts is the backdrop for a collection of images of a local, 23-year-old New England model.  More here.

40 pages, NSFW - $8.99 PDF / $14.49 Print

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BOND at the Roxy

After 5 years of modeling, Bond at the Roxy is the model's final session.   Captured over 3 days in Manhattan's trendy Tribeca neighborhood, we have saved the best for last.  Bond wanted to end his modeling career on a high note and indeed, he has never looked better.  This is Bond at his best.  More here.

68 pages, NSFW - $13.99 (PDF)/$24.95 (magazine) 

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MASON / Hollywood

The California model, Mason O'Sullivan, captured in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills plus bonus images from a studio shoot with Ricardo Bustamante in New York for a Halloween magazine feature.  NSFW.  More here.

40 pages, $8.99 (PDF)/$12.95 (magazine)

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RICARDO / Stormy

Drawn from 2 sessions, each captured on stormy nights, Ricardo/Stormy brings the weather indoors with a steamy session with one of the studio's most impressive physiques.  Ricardo/Stormy features the young construction worker as he explores male modeling.  NSFW.  More here.

32 pages, $9.99 (PDF)/$12.95 (magazine)

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Unlike any other collection, Standoff showcases not just two models, Alex & Iggy, but the work of two photographers as well.  It draws from 4 photo sessions as both models worked with both photographers.  Stephen Kahrs Photography ( shot at one end of the studio while NMS worked the other end.   Early into the session it became obvious that the models were paying more attention to each other than to the cameras.  Across 64 pages they wind up posing for and inspiring each other.  NSFW.   More here.

64 pages, $12.99 (PDF)/$24.95 (magazine)

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A companion piece for trevor blanc (below), TJ NOIR follows Trevor Jacobs through the streets of Wall Street into the shadows of the studio.  NSFW.  More here.

48 pages, $12.99 (PDF)/$19.95 (magazine)

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DOUBLE ISSUE-49 of the best shots from two photo sessions.  Shot in the hills above Santa Cruz and a year later in a secluded garden in San Francisco, the photos capture this California teenager in his native habitat.  44 pages, NSFW.   More here.

44 pages, $12.99 (PDF)  /  $17.95 (magazine)
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BOND / De-Tux

A young model steps out of the legendary tux and into the Bond persona for the first time.  This photo essay features previously-unpublished work from one of Bond Brown's earliest photo sessions.  He cautiously sheds his tuxedo in an extended tease in his first erotic work as a male model.  Initially featured in The Last New York Session, the Bond story starts here. NSFW  More here.

40 pages, $12.99 (PDF)/$17.95 (magazine)

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After a brief, 18-month run as a male model, this was Renn's last photo session before retiring at the age of 19. Shot in the hills above Santa Cruz, California. NSFW.  More here.

32 pages,  $9.99 (PDF)  /  $16.95 (magazine)

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TREVOR - blanc

White on white is the theme for this 32-page photo essay featuring the model Trevor Jacobs (also known as TJ). Shot in front of bright windows and yards of white paper, there is little to distract the viewer from Trevor's sinewy torso and beautifully-honed body. NSFW.  More here.

32 pages, $9.99 (PDF)  /  $14.95 (magazine)

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Watch a Film & TV makeup artist as he paints Bond Brown into the dashing secret agent, 007.  Go behind the scenes for all 3 parts of Bond's body paint session with Charles Zambrano:  applying the paint, posing, and the ritual finale of all body painting sessions, smearing and removing the paint.  NSFW.  More here.

72 pages, $11.99 (PDF)  /  $21.95 (magazine)

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We photographed Ethan in the lush greenery of western New England.  This 20-year-old college student was on vacation in the Berkshire mountains when we captured these classic summertime shots.  24 images taken from our vault.  NSFW.  More here.

24 pages, $8.99 (PDF), $14.95 (magazine)

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Nestled in the center of a block on a hillside in San Francisco's Castro District is a secluded garden.  Hidden from view in the heart of the city, it is an oasis of serenity in 50 shades of green.  On a bright September day, it was the perfect setting for a photo session with one of the studio's most popular models, Alex Corso.  NSFW.  More here.

36 pages, $9.99 (PDF), $14.95 (magazine)

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The fantasy of playing a secret agent was born at his very first photo session when he chose "Bond" as his modeling name. Years intervened before the fantasy session was finally captured.  By now, the model had shed his boy-next-door looks and has grown handsomely into the character.  NSFW.  More here.

64 pages, $12.99 (PDF), $19.95 (magazine)

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Three New York City models on a working horse farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Featuring Bond Brown, Oleks Matv and Alex Corso. Uncensored and NSFW.  More here.

56 pages, $12.99 (PDF), $19.95 (magazine)

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A celebration of Bond's fourth anniversary with the studio. This is the model's steamiest session to-date and is definitely NSFW.  Available as an instantly-downloadable PDF or hard copy magazine.

36 pages, $9.99 (PDF), $15.95 (magazine)

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A lazy summer day in Western New England on a weather-beaten porch and at secluded swimming hole hidden below the dam.  Timothy is captured in settings inspired by the work of the famed local artist, Norman Rockwell. NSFW

24 pages, $4.99 (PDF)/$9.95 (magazine)

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A body-painting session is documented from start to finish in this photo essay by New Manhattan Studios. Featuring the art of Charles Zambrano and the young body-builder and aspiring superhero, Norm. NSFW.

56 pages, $9.99 PDF/$19.95 (magazine)

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