Welcome behind the scenes at New Manhattan Studios.  Here you will find  stories about our models and their photo sessions.

Many of the followers of this blog are fellow photographers and it is primarily those readers that I have in mind while writing.  All visitors are encouraged to take part in the discussion with comments and questions about the models or the studio.   Most of the models featured on the blog are professional models working in or passing through metropolitan New York.  If you wish to contact a specific model with a legitimate job offer, you may click here.

On the blog you'll get first glimpses of upcoming models and first peeks at new products and art from the studio.  We generally post twice a month, co-incident with introducing new models or work.  You may subscribe to the blog (as an RSS feed) and receive the updates as they are posted by clicking on the "Subscribe" button on the right side of this page and at the bottom left of the individual blog entries.

Bond: Wet!

August 15, 2016
It’s always a delight to go rummaging around in a long-closed folder. You never know what overlooked gems you might find among the raw files. It’s a special treat when th...
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Dancing at the Bridge

July 28, 2016
We first met and worked with Gabriel in California last summer. A professional dancer, trained in contemporary dance, he had just graduated college in the Bay Area. The p...
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Waving a Flag of Diversity

July 03, 2016
When we first shot Adoniis in the spring of last year we had the foresight to do a bit of work with a red-white-and-blue scarf that we had found in our travels. (Yes, the...
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Model on the Stairs

June 08, 2016
Matthew is the walking embodiment of the classic American mongrel. Part Mexican, part Polish, this fitness buff and model projects a timeless All-American look. Fittingly...
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Captured Shadows #3 - Spring 2016

April 30, 2016
We celebrate the arrival of spring by slapping a picture of a snowstorm on the cover of Captured Shadows #3. It’s a way of setting the stage for the first three portfolio...
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It was a Dark and Stormy Night

April 28, 2016
In what is a new twist for our art, we are debuting a photo fantasy series in the third issue of Captured Shadows. The magazine features a shoot done in the studio with R...
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Just Released!

from the Private Portfolio Series



This is the studio's most popular model as you've never seen him.

Bond.  From demure to teasing.  From dripping wet to scorching hot.

68 uncensored pages.  Click here to preview and purchase. 



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