Just Passing Through

June 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

When we worked with Sean this spring we had hoped that this would be the first of several sessions.  A model since his teenage years, this 22-year-old New Englander was taking a shot at the big time in New York.  His experience showed when we worked with him; he is an outstanding model with a classic all-American look, a powerful physque and a natural affinity for posing.  The camera loved him.  But alas, he turned out to be one of those models who was just passing through.  Weeks after our session he pulled up stakes in New York and returned to his native Vermont.

While disappointed that we were not able to schedule more work with Sean, we are pleased with what was captured, which included hundreds and hundreds of images.  

Lacking the chance to shoot more, we spent some extra time with his work post-session.  His stunning images presented the opportunity to flex out wings creatively in the editing process. 

Some of the images in Sean's gallery represent our first efforts at compositing.  That's the combining of multiple images.  In some cases it's adding just a "texture."  In other cases it's a  combining second image or an image and a texture. 

We hope that you have as much fun looking at our first foray into compositing as we had crafting the images.  And if we're lucky, perhaps Sean will return to New York someday and he can be persuaded to come back into the studio.


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