Why Did This Take So Long to Happen?

January 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Phil came close to falling between the cracks on the studio's calendar.  This 18-year-old had been waiting patiently for a few months for a chance to have his first photo shoot. He is a friend of our production assistant and stylist, Alex, and I had been putting him off as we scheduled a number of out-of-town models, paying jobs and professional models whose calendars were more difficult to juggle.  It didn’t help his case that Phil was a student at a major school of design just a few blocks away; there was a sense that he was always nearby. Alex brought his name up frequently, but unfairly, Phil became classified as a fall-back model.  He’d always be there if and when we needed him.

And one day we had an unexpected hole in the studio calendar.  We reached out.  

And it was about time!  Phil had deserved to be put near the head of the line!   Once we had him in the studio the overwhelming sense was, "Why did this take so long?" No doubt, Phil felt the same way. This was his first-ever modeling session.  He was eager to get started.

Phil is another model of deceiving looks.  At 18, this handsome Filipino-American has a range that runs from teenager to mid-twenties.  He’s yet another example of someone whose presence in the studio does not prepare you for the images that are being captured.  Partly, I’m sure, it’s the charm of the irrepressible student that radiates an unmistakable boyishness when he’s speaks.  Subtract that bubbling personality from the equation, reduce the look to two-dimensional imagery, and you can see what the camera has captured in so many of his pictures:  the strikingly handsome man that is emerging. 

It may have taken much longer than it should have to get Phil into the studio, but we’re making up for lost time.  We got his online gallery open in short order and he’s being scheduled for a call-back in record time.  It will be interesting to watch this young man mature.  And for those who appreciate body art, it will be especially fascinating to watch his evolving ink.  The first layers of what will eventually be an intricate sleeve tattoo on his left arm had been completed just days before his first shoot.

Check out Phil's first-ever photo session here.  And stay tuned.  Phil will be back.


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