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Few models have stood before our cameras more often than Norm but this may be the last chapter.  He first worked with us at the age of 18 when he followed his gym buddy to the studio.  Alex, the studio's stylist and second cameraman (left, lower), and Norm work out at the same gym in their hometown, just across the river from Manhattan.

Back in January, Norm was the first model we posted in 2017.  We've worked together three times over the past 12 months and it seems fitting that his will be the last work posted for the year as well.  Norm, hosting Venom (body-painting by the artist Charles Zambrano) was featured in July.  Work from two other two sessions, recently prepared for publication, is debuting in Norm's new 2017 Gallery.

We have long discussed working on the streets of New York, but despite living just 15 minutes away on the other side of Hudson River, Norm doesn't get into the city that often.  At a spring session in the studio, Norm announced his career plans and push came to shove.  The session on the sidewalks of Manhattan finally happened just days before the model moved out of the area. 

Two-and-a-half years after his first tentative photo shoot at the age of 18, Norm is one of five New York models featured in Captured Shadows 5, New York SessionsVisiting his online galleries here at New Manhattan Studios, you can see the remarkable progress this young body-builder has made over the late-teen years that we've documented.  He has always had one of the most defined torsos of any model we've worked with and it's only gotten better.  For those who admire well-proportioned, chiseled torsos, Norm is the bull's eye.

It was quite a thrill for Norm to assume the persona of Venom, a long-revered comic book villain.  If working with the artist was his last turn in front of our cameras it was a fitting high note.  A few days later, now 21, he packed his bag and moved out of town, following employment opportunities and dreams.  We hope this isn't our last work with Norm.  He'll be home from time to time, but whether he'll have a chance to pop into the studio is an open question.  He's very much a young man getting on with his life and we wish him well.

Below is an outtake from Captured Shadows 5.  Check out all of Norm's work with the studio here.


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Bond: Brooklyn We have not forgotten that when we opened Bond’s New York 2017 gallery earlier this year that we promised to update the page with new work as it became available.  We have continued to edit additional pictures, primarily for publication purposes, and we are happy to announce the opening of the Bond: Brooklyn gallery.   

We have more than doubled the size of the gallery and many new images have been added to the Art Prints Gallery as well.

Most of the new work has been edited for publication or print sales including art nude and explicit images that can be found in the Art Print Galleries and in upcoming studio publications.

Bond: Brooklyn is a special feature in Captured Shadows 5.  The publication has just gone to press and will be on sale in early 2018.  At 124 pages, it is the longest publication the studio has released.  Bond is one of five featured models.

Bond has matured impressively since his first photo session three and a half years ago.  Now a grad student in southern California, Bond is a semi-retired model who's about to step into the real world of an adult-sized career with all attendant responsibilities and demands on his time.  Gone are the days when he could quickly rearrange his schedule to spend a sunny afternoon with a photographer.  These days we feel lucky to be able to work with Bond at all. 

While he's firmly embraced the California life stye, enticing Bond back to his old, home turf in New York is not all that hard.  We are happy to report that he's returning to town for a long weekend with our cameras in February.

Meanwhile, check out the new work in Bond: Brooklyn.  Don’t forget the new additions to the Art Prints galleries as well.  For a complete listing of all of our work with Bond, go to All Things Bond at New Manhattan Studios.

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Bringing the Devil out in Timothy

Blond and eminently capable of pulling off a preppy look, Timothy has long been one of the studio's most popular models. Our history goes back to 2013 when we worked with the 21-year-old actor/musician in his home state of Massachusetts.  His image (if not his character) is anything but diabolical, however, and it had been a while since he’d been in front of our cameras.  I had concluded that he was an unlikely candidate for the job when an opportunity to do some Halloween-themed art presented itself at the last possible moment. 

I had less than 24 hours to secure a model for a second body-painting session that we were tacking on to one that was already planned for Alex, the studio’s model/photographer. The two sessions would now go late into the night.  

Alex’s friend, Jorge, would be assisting on the set and I had inquired as to his interest in possibly modeling for the second session. This is paying work that requires a signed model release and interest aside, it is not work for everyone.  I was not sure if his personal situation allowed for him to appear on the Internet in partial or implied nude poses as the job required. 

Less than 24 hours before the session, while waiting for word on Jorge’s interest and availability, I wound up texting with Tim. He and Alex have known each other for four years and we had been planning to have Tim arrive in the studio with pizza at the end of Alex’s session.  Knowing that my window on finding a model was closing, I decided to extend the offer to Tim as well. I had no reason to think that he’d accept it, but since he would be there anyway, I thought he’d enjoy the work if he could get past the intimidating hurdle of body painting. 

To my surprise, Tim was the first of the two models to say yes to the offer.   I had shamelessly appealed to the actor in him by promoting the hand-crafted costume he’d be wearing.  That had its appeal, no doubt, but in the end I think it was the character rather than the costume that grabbed Tim’s imagination.  He would be playing the Prince of Darkness.  When he got back to me, he indicated his girlfriend was totally into the concept!

Having done eight body-painting sessions with the artist Charles Zambrano, I have now watched each and every one of the eight models get past their initial jitters to thoroughly enjoy their sessions.  Most fascinating to me, however, has been each’s reaction to the costume itself.  It fuels my interest in documenting the entire process, as well as the finished costume and character.

Costumes have amazing transformative powers.  Just put on a mask and you can get away with almost any out-of-character behavior.  In the studio I have watched even the stiffest and most stoic of models come to life in new personas that live as long as the masks.  Whether they are action heroes or mysterious aliens, the models get into character and perform for the camera in a manner that differs from their standard modeling sessions.  From most accounts, models enjoy these sessions more than any other.

But there is that initial hurdle.  I saw it on Tim’s face when he entered.  Alex was standing naked in the center of the room, painted from top to bottom.  Tim's mouth said hello, but the big gulp on his face said “What the f* did I get myself into?” 

I don’t think he’d visualized the small crowd that would be attending his session nor, despite earlier correspondence and sample photos, the intimate nature of some of the work.  To his credit, Tim didn’t bolt for the door.  He did, however, head for some of the beer that was on hand for the pizza-party-now-working-dinner.

Finishing the pizza, it was Tim’s turn.  We stepped into a separate room where I promised again that I would not post any explicit content online and that despite his jitters I was confident that he’d have fun with the session.  He assured me that he completely trusted me to keep his junk off the internet, so why, he wanted to know, did it have to be painted as well.  I fumbled a photographer’s answer then punted by attributing the policy to the artist.  As Charles later explained it, I appreciated the logic of the rationale.  For the artist, it’s all about creating the illusion. Bringing the character to life requires painting the entire body as anything less breaks the illusion for both the viewer and for the model.

Still uneasy, Tim said that he trusted me and would not let me down.  I handed him a model release and a wrap; a few minutes (and texts) later he entered the room and sat down in his bright red towel.  Ready to start the transformation.

Jorge’s chance under the lights will come later.  For this session he was deputized as Charles’ assistant to speed a lengthy painting process that was starting late at night.  At least with five people in the room, what can otherwise be a quiet and tedious task of applying paint turned into something of a party.  Tim’s stage fright was precisely that.  Once the session began, a “this is work, but let’s have fun” mentality took over the room and, as expected, Tim relaxed and had fun with it all.  From early-on, he was texting selfies of the process to his girlfriend. 

When the art was finally finished the long preparation yielded a photo session that lasted less than an hour (but still well into the wee hours of the morning).  The illusion was successful.  For a brief time we had the Prince of Darkness in our presence.  The red skin brought out some seriously sinister attitude.  The horns played to the model’s natural friendly combativeness and you had the impression that playing the devil came natural to the kid in Timothy. 

If you have any questions about Charles’ success in bringing the Devil out of Tim, check out the new gallery.  It includes both behind-the-scenes shots as well as the finished art which debuted on Favorite Hunks yesterday.

Did Tim enjoy it?  He announced as much half way through the photo session when he remarked that he’d forgotten how much he enjoyed modeling.  He couldn't wait to show his girlfriend and wouldn't consider showering off before leaving.  He was dropped off late at night and the two of them apparently had a good time haunting the deserted streets of Brooklyn as people were stumbling home from the bars.

Tim was our cover model on Captured Shadows #3, but that was some time ago.  He's very much a busy young man getting on with his life.  I do not foresee a return to modeling.  However. . .

We’re already in discussions about a second body-painting session in a character to be conceived by his girlfriend and brought to life by Charles Zambrano.

Most models who’ve done it agree.  Costumes are fun and body painting sessions are special.


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Upstate/Downstate Nick in Madison SquareLate Spring in New York City It seems entirely fitting to follow Bond's most-recent posting with the introduction of Nick.  They both hail from the same hometown in western New York.  The farther from New York you are, the less likely you are to be aware of the distinct cultural differences between "upstate" and "downstate" New York.  In popular parlance, "downstate" refers to Metropolitan New York City and "upstate" is everything else.  Culturally we are two different states, with Nick's hometown more closely resembling those of neighboring Ohio or Pennsylvania.  At 21, the 300-mile trip to New York City was a pretty big deal.

Nick's was a guest appearance.  Given our respective locations at extreme opposite ends of New York State, it's unlikely we would have crossed paths had it not been for the introductions made by a friend and fellow photographer.  Keith Ingram Photo and New Manhattan Studios have been working together on various projects for a few years now.  Some of Keith's art will be appearing in the California models edition of Captured Shadows, now in the works.

Originally a New Yorker, Keith was on a trip home from his current base in San Francisco.  While here he had arranged to work with a model from western New York.  We agreed to share studio space with him in exchange for introductions to the model.  Nick, the model (and an avid gym enthusiast if there ever was one), was delighted to shoot with both of us.  Not only would the photo sessions help pay off all the 21-year-old’s hard work in the gym, but it meant he would be able to extend his visit to New York City, where he’s lucky enough to have an older-brother-with-couch.

Nick had a busy 4-day trip to New York.  The way the schedules worked out, New Manhattan Studios wound up shooting with Nick before Keith.  Upon arrival in New York, Nick went straight from the airport to NMS.  We spent the afternoon shooting around Madison and Union Squares, strolling through the neighborhood between the historic urban squares on a delightful late-spring day.  

The following morning Keith arrived from the West Coast and the three of us met in the studio for an afternoon photo shoot.  Keith continued working with Nick the following day and some of the work can be found here.  We got one last shot at working with Nick on his fourth day in the city.  Working around Madison Square, we found ourselves in Eataly, with the models surrounded by hundreds of varieties of pasta (bottom left).

For our part, we thank Keith for the introductions and Nick for being such a welcome addition to the studio’s portfolio.  In the short time we have been featuring early edits on our Instagram feed, Nick has proven to be one of the studio’s most popular models.  We have been eager to open a gallery with all of Nick’s work and are doing so now.  Nick’s gallery contains shots from both the exterior and studio sessions with Nick.  Additional physique art and art nude work featuring his chiseled torso can be found in the Art Print galleries.

Given his already strong standing with the studio’s followers, it goes without saying that we hope to work with Nick again in the future.  Subscribe to the blog using the button at the bottom in order to learn when more of his work with the studio has been released.  And follow the studio's daily feed on Instagram for sneak previews of models and work in the pipeline.

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Bond's Return to New York

Summer on the Brooklyn waterfront.  It felt like we were back where we belonged.  For those just entering the conversation, since early 2014, this trio of photographers and models has logged thousands of miles, from coast to coast to coast (that would include Florida) capturing Bond Brown, one of the studio's most enduringly popular models, as he has matured from the kid next door into the confident fitness and physique model that locks gaze with you here.  

Bond's role in the studio's life is probably best punctuated by the fact that he is the subject of the first entries in this blog.  The longitudinal study of the same subject over a period of time is a defining interest of the studio and Bond is one of several models whose physical development we have been privileged to be able to document over several years.  With this young man, the off-camera changes are as dramatic as those the camera has captured, but that's another story.  If you detect a growing sense of confidence in the photographs, then I have been true to my photojournalism roots.

In mid-June we were on a Brooklyn pier jutting far out into the East River.  Gorgeous skies and a classic New York backdrop made for a perfect "welcome home" setting for this ex-New Yorker.  It was the polar opposite of our first session with Bond, the evening after the blizzard of 2014, when this native of Buffalo had diligently trekked through blocks of unplowed streets and sidewalks of record-setting snowfall to make it to his first professional photo shoot.  Fueled by such determination and his discovery of the rewards of modeling, in the space of six months, Bond became one of the studio's most popular models.  When he announced that he was moving West at the end of the first year we doubled down on our shooting schedule and had not one but three "last" New York photo sessions.

Bond is not a professional model; what had started as a lark for someone working as a busboy in a high-profile Manhattan restaurant turned into a rather heady experience.  With photos of him winning contests and his last New York photo session earning him the position of Valentine's Hunk for 2015 on FH [Favorite Hunks], Bond's move fortunately did not mean the end of his modeling career.  With introductions, he continued modeling with a select number of established fitness and physique photographers in California and New England. 

The studio was fortunate to work with Bond twice in 2015; his first year in California, a year that I’m sure the model will never forget.  It included a beautiful home in San Francisco, lots of biking, hiking and exploring and occasional waiter-ing.  Published work with the athlete in his mid-20s in archetypal California settings can be found in Captured Shadows #1 – California Dreaming and Bond:  Private Portfolio II.

Reality bites, even in the Land of Oz.  Bond’s modeling career slowed to a halt at the end of that first carefree year as he doubled and tripled down on work to save money to return to school.  In 2016, grad school took him to Southern California where he found a bit more time to hit the gym.  He joined us as a non-modeling friend last year as we partied around our photo shoots in the Hollywood Hills. 

In L.A. last year, Bond agreed to get into shape to return to modeling, “for just a few friends.”  We booked him almost immediately for his spring break and we met up in Florida in March for the first of what we hope to be three sessions this year.  The June session was captured as he passed through New York on his way to a family reunion in Iceland.  He explained that no one in the family was Icelandic, but they all thought it would be a cool place to meet up.  His relentless promotion of the island in the far North Atlantic prompted me to schedule my own photographer's tour of Iceland just weeks after his visit. 

Beyond the staggering natural beauty of the island, I was struck by how popular and powerful the Viking image remains in this Nordic country.  Bearded Norse seamen are like mascots, they're everywhere; on book covers and huge advertising posters, on T-shirts and key chains.  I know it's an international look, but I was amused by how many young men seemed to be actively cultivating a Viking look with beards and rakishly shaggy hair.  It took me a few days to realize that this was more than a cultural statement.  With one of the most isolated and insular gene pools on the planet, the very twenty-first century men of Iceland are the direct decedents of the real thing:  Vikings. 

Bond arrived in Iceland two days after our photo shoot. With his facial hair exactly as you see it here, he must have slipped right into the 20-something street scene in Rekyavik.  The Brown family may not be Icelandic, but it strikes me as likely that there’s some Viking blood in there somewhere!  Just the thought adds a new dimension to Bond's interpretation of the dashing secret agent.

In addition to welcoming Bond back, the Studio welcomes a new set of hands to the NMS family.  In the picture below, Bond is surrounded by Alex, the studio’s assistant and second photographer (left) and Alex's friend Jorge Figueroa (right).  Jorge had joined us in California last year where he had assisted on several photo sessions in Hollywood.  Jorge and Bond had, well, bonded, in our off-hours last summer and Jorge, a New Yorker, changed his work schedule to meet up with his West Coast friend in June.  Not only was Jorge deputized to swing lights in the studio, he was handed a camera and several of the images in the new Bond gallery were taken by Jorge.  He quickly caught the knack of using the second camera to capture the model at play in the studio.  That's his capture (above, right) of a surprised Bond hitting a falsetto note as Alex adjusts his underwear.

Jorge will be getting specific credits when the work makes its way to Captured Shadows #5, as it will.  "When?"  Click on the "subscribe" button to follow the blog (as an RSS feed) and be the first kid on your block to get word of the publication date.  Meanwhile, check out Bond's new folder, Bond New York 2017.  Additional new art nude and physique art pictures have been placed in the Art Prints Galleries.


Click here for All Things Bond at New Manhattan Studios.


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I'll Keep You Wild This Venezuelan is our second "Peter" and one of the more intriguing models with which we've worked.  He left his challenged homeland some three years ago and now watches from afar as his country, once a beacon of Latin American success, sinks deeper into an economic morass and dictatorship.  With a limited command of English and classic good looks, upon arrival in New York City, the enterprising 20-year-old took a well-worn path into modeling where his chiseled torso, rippling abs and photogenic face have earned him work on the runways and studios of New York City.

When conducting business with Peter by text or email, I feel like I'm dealing with a different person than the carefree model in the studio.  The duality is striking.  In this case I'm confident that they are indeed one and the same person, although I have had lengthy correspondences with agents posing as models (including an agent/mother once).  

I now recognize this apparent split personality to be part-and-parcel of the entire package of Peter.  He has a good command of English but I suspect his relative strengths in written and oral English may lie at the root of this dual personality.  In texts and emails he comes across as abrupt and all-business (with a bit of a macho aggressiveness).  In person, Peter is as aggressively fun-filled, as lighthearted and mischievous as any 23-year-old.  The seat of his pants sums up his spirit in the studio quite accurately. 

If the finessing of correspondence takes a bit of patience with Peter, the payoff in the studio is worth the effort.  He is also one of the most photogenic models we've worked with in quite a while.  I use the term photogenic to place him in that class of models whose looks are enhanced by the camera.  I have found any number of average-looking men to be extremely photogenic subjects. In Peter's case, he starts from a very high base and intereacts with the camera to make his own special magic.  In the silence of the two-dimensional photograph, his beauty can be frozen at perfection.

We worked with Peter twice this summer and hope to work with him again.  Photos from his initial sessions have been placed in a new gallery in the vault with the name of Peter2 and additional work can be found in the O-Z folder in the Art Prints galleries.  With yet more unpublished images to be featured in an upcoming issue of Captured Shadows, you'll definitely be seeing more of Peter.  We hope we will be, too.

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Hollywood Balconies Zach was one of eight models that we captured on our most recent trip to California. Venturing beyond our usual base in the Bay Area, we added five days in Hollywood to the schedule. Over the course of ten days, four different NMS photographers took part in ten photo sessions for a future issue of Captured Shadows that will be focused exclusively on our California models.

Zach's session was our second in the large home in the Hollywood Hills. It was with Zach that we first explored the balconies and staircases. With an abundance of rooms, nooks, crannies and shooting angles, we hoped to shoot five models in various settings without repeating ourselves. Over the course of several models, the balcony rail reappears, but Zach owned the staircases, both of them. To the right, you'll see Alex's shot of him on the exterior stairs (above) and my shot of the two of them working (below).  Both illustrate what a natural setting it was for his long, toned body.

We did some of our best work with Zach on the balcony and stairs and some of these shots are among our favorite images of the entire trip. This toned athlete, actor and experienced model stretched, curled, extended and bended into striking poses on a sunset-facing balcony with a sweeping view that included Studio City, the San Fernando Valley and the Hollywood Freeway, zipping past just below us on the hillside.  That the view was two-way didn't bother Zach or, for that matter, any of the other models who worked in the space that week.

In addition to eight models, we were joined by two West Coast affliates/partners/friends, fellow photographers, Wm Weyeneth and Keith Ingram.  Wm worked with us on a new session with Andrew in a garden apartment in San Francisco's Castro District. (We last worked with Andrew in the hills above Santa Cruz two years ago.)  Bay Area photographer Keith Ingram flew down to Los Angeles for the second half of our sessions in Hollywood.  Portions of the work with all models and all photographers will be appearing in the upcoming California issue of Captured Shadows.

You can find Zach's gallery here.  Additional images of Zach can be found in the Art Prints galleries here.  You can follow Zach on Instagram here.  (And while you're on Instagram, check out the studio's feed here, it's the first place you'll see previews of our newest work.)

The California Issue of Captured Shadows will be published in late fall of 2017, along with a parallel issue devoted to our east coast models.

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Creating Venom. The Art of Charles Zambrano

 Venom.  Hosted by Norm.  Conceived by Charles Zambrano.


When Norm heard that he could become the action hero of his choice, he was all in for a body painting session with the artist Charles Zambrano.  In a New York minute, he chose the super villain Venom, a Marvel Comics character from the Spider-Man series.  Norm had started with the studio having just turned 19.  This was to be his eighth and possibly last photo session with the studio.  He had met us as a gym buddy of the studio's assistant, Alex.  Now 21, he was moving out of the area pursuing a job opportunity.  

I was pleased that Norm had accepted the challenge to do a body painting session.  It is not work for everyone.  Depending on the design, it can be a very intimate experience and it will invariably be a long process that requires standing most of the time, at times with limbs extended for minutes on end.  I suspect Norm didn't know exactly what he was getting into.  Most models don't.

The artist took the symbiote as his inspiration and embarked on a painstakingly detailed re-imagining of Norm's torso as the host of a symbiotic partner.   We have worked with Charles four times now but this was the first time I had the un-interupted time to document the process from start to finish.  As I watched the application of each stroke I marveled at the mastery of the makeup artist.  

It's rare to encounter an artist as successful as Charles at leveraging his artistic talents and interests into a rewarding livelihood.  He is a trained artist who finds financially and artistically rewarding work in the studios, stages and runways of New York City. Charles is one of the wizards behind the magic and beauty we encounter on Broadway, Madison Avenue, film and television.

I felt privileged to be documenting the artist and model at work.  Although there were three of us in the room, it was generally quiet with music selected by the artist softly playing in the background.  Each one of us were intently involved in our own aspect of the artistic endeavor.  

In many ways, I find the photographs of the process as interesting as the photos of the finished product.  I'll trace that back to my roots as a photojournalist. Judge for yourself, check out the behind-the-scenes shots in the Creating Venom gallery.

After 4½ hours, the last stroke was applied.  The model stepped in front of the camera.  Venom.  Hosted by Norm.  Conceived by Charles Zambrano.

After seven photo sessions, it was as if we'd saved the best for last.  As I tweaked camera settings, Norm struck poses.  By the time I was ready to start shooting the model was clearly in character.  When the strobes started popping, the model came to life as I've never seen him before.  The dude was seriously into his character and quite possibly living out a fantasy life he'd nurtured since his preteen years.

I'm not a comics afficionado; this villain's name meant nothing to me.  But Charles' art and Norm's characterization brought Venom to life for me in a seriously evil way.  I never expected Norm to be able to pull off a villain, so I was caught unawares by the brooding, sinister and a taunting maliciousness that was confronting me.  We leave it to the viewer to decide if our collective artistry has brought forth a worthy character and body of art.

A gallery with the finished work has been opened in the special galleries section the Fine Arts Galleries, alongside a second gallery with the behind-the-scenes shots from the body painting session.

Our earlier work with Charles Zambrano can be found here.  You can see more of his work here. You can also follow Charles and Norm on Instagram.

And while we saved the best for last as far as Norm is concerned, we think we saved the best for last for his fans.  Our seventh session, captured just one week earlier, shows this 21-year-old man-about-town on the streets of Manhattan.  In a few more weeks we'll be opening what may be the last Norm gallery for a while.  Watch for Summer in the City.  Featuring Norm.  Coming soon.  Here.


All Things Norm at New Manhattan Studios





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Class Act A beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills was the studio's base for several days last year and it was there that we finally met up with Brandon, one of several models that we shot in California last fall. Of the dozen or so people that passed through or inhabited the grand Hollywood house (including a half-dozen models), none seemed to fit the space as comfortably as Brandon. He wore his surroundings like a fine leather glove.  Looking totally at home, he added a 20s-something verve to the stylish rooms.  In short, he was a class act.

The studio follows many models (and vice-versa) on a variety of social media platforms.  Brandon and Alex, the studio's stylist, assistant, photographer and talent recruiter, had been pinging each other for years.  As far back as 2015, when Brandon was still living on the east coast, we had attempted to schedule a session with him while we were working in the Washington, DC, area.  Time passed and we failed to coordinate a date before the model moved to northern California.  

A half year later we hoped to work with him in San Francisco on our annual trip to California.  But by the time we arrived in San Francisco, Brandon had already moved on to Los Angeles.  

Finally, last year, we met up with Brandon in Hollywood where the model was pursuing a musical career with a band.  It was worth the wait, as I trust the viewer will agree.  Brandon has one of the most toned physiques in our portfolio and we look forward to adding more to our body of work with him on one of his future trips east.  In the meantime, we have opened a gallery of our work with him in California in 2016.  A number of Brandon's photos also appear in the recent additions section of our Fine Art Gallery.  (If you can't find them there, they might have already moved to their permanent home: the A-F folder in the Fine Art Gallery.)

Brandon will be featured in an upcoming issue of Captured Shadows dedicated to the several West Coast models that are now part of the studio's portfolio.  Watch for it later this summer.  To be notified of the publication date, you can subscribe to the blog's RSS feed using the "subscribe" button at the bottom of the screen.  In the meantime, expect to see several new galleries open in the coming weeks that feature the rest of our Golden State men.

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Gabriel the Third. The Brazilian Gabriel was one of those ships that pass in a very contemporary night.  It was a pleasant and productive winter evening, to be sure, but a fleeting moment when Rio and New York City intersected. . .an international meeting, born of social media, manifesting itself in the studio.

Our correspondence had begun about three months earlier, when Gabriel, a Brazilian fitness model planning a trip to the United States, wrote to arrange for a physique portfolio session while in New York at the start of his trip.  

With a bit of a language barrier, our exchanges had been limited to the basics of scheduling and what he needed or wanted for his portfolio was unspecified beyond a physique and fitness session that would include implied or partial nudity.  After reviewing his portfolio we agreed and waited out a couple of months to see if the mid-twenties Brazilian model would be as fit as his online presence suggested.

Gabriel delivered.  Fit and trim, he was an established model who was at home in the studio.  The ambiguity of whether or not he would be posing nude was resolved shortly after we began shooting.  He had signed up for implied and partial nudity.  As he became comfortable with the work style of the studio it was a boundary that passed without comment and so naturally that I recognized it as a protective filter I've seen many models use:  meet the photographer first.  

Half way through the session we had met his portfolio needs and we continued with some art nude work that more than met the studio's needs.  Or expectations.  

At the end of the evening, I promised to deliver to Gabriel the set of portfolio shots that had been the initial purpose of the session.  Then I asked him to sign a model release and paid him the studio's modeling fee for an outstanding physique art session that generated images that will be appearing in upcoming issues of Captured Shadows

Our real world missions fulfilled, the meeting ended and we reverted to our ongoing cyber relationship.  It's almost enough to inspire faith in the Internet.  Almost.

As we prepared to open Gabriel's Gallery (henceforth known as Gabriel 3), we were curious as to how much time had lapsed since the session with our first Gabriel, the Venezuelan actor and model (on the right).  Opening the long-dormant folder to read the date stamp on a raw file, we discovered our answer (3 years) and a number of previously-uncirculated images.  With fresh eyes we even found a couple of new RAW files to edit.  

As a consequence, new photography has been added to Gabriel's gallery and to the "Recent Work" section of the Fine Art galleries.  There you will find his work next to Gabriel 3.  Caracas, meet Rio.  Last we heard, Gabriel 3 was home in Brazil, working as a chef and Gabriel 1 had escaped the chaos and turmoil that has engulfed Venezuela and was living in a land famous for welcoming refugees.  Canada.  

Happy First of July!

]]> (New Manhattan Studios) Brazil Gabriel art model new model nude physique Fri, 30 Jun 2017 21:45:00 GMT
Homecoming to a New Neighborhood In the last post we promised to share some pictures of the neighborhood around our springtime studio along with some current shots of one of the studio's most popular models, one who has been missing in action for a year and a half.  His absence reflects only the busy schedule of a young man very much in the process of getting on with his life.  From the enthusiasm shown, in no way has his passion for modeling waned.

The model is Bond.  He was in town last week, passing through New York on his way to Iceland.  He had an afternoon to make what may be the first of 2 appearances in the studio this year and what we hope will be 3 appearances before the studio's cameras in 2017.  This marks the Studio's first work with the model since Bond:  Private Portfolio 2 and his first modeling sessions since starting grad school in Southern California last year.

We completed our first 2017 session with Bond on a spring break in Fort Lauderdale.  Over the years we have made various grooming demands prior to our shoots and, trooper that he is, Bond has met all requests with scissors and razors (or the lack thereof).  In Florida, in March, he had obliged us by trimming off his facial hair just days before the shoot but NOT cutting his hair for the previous six months. When we heard that the GF had been on his case to get his hair cut, we decided to give him a break for this most recent shoot in Brooklyn.   We made no demands whatsoever and he appeared at our door as you see him here.  This is the real deal, this is Bond as you will encounter him around school today (or in Iceland in June).

It seemed appropriate that Bond be the first model that we shot "behind the barn" at our new studio space in a building along the historic Brooklyn waterfront.  Back in January of 2014, Bond had been the first model in our home in Long Island City.  Three and a half years later, we jointly christened some of the industrial and waterfront venues around a studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  The studio that will be our home for a few months is housed in a converted industrial building from the late 1880s that is typical of the massive brick warehouses and factories that once lined the waterfront directly across the East River from midtown Manhattan.

Today the old working-class, waterfront neighborhood, just north of Williamsburg (the hottest of Brooklyn's trendy neighborhoods), is undergoing rapid gentrification that is putting pressure on the artists, artisans, craftsmen and photographers in the area.  It's déjà vu all over again, as New Yorker Yogi Berra would have said.  Many of the creative community that have helped turn Greenpoint into such a trendy neighborhood had previously been priced out of Manhattan.  

It's a familiar pattern in the city's post World War II-development.  The displacement and regeneration of creative communities is an ongoing cycle driven by gentrification.  The galleries/artists/artisans that flock to low-rent districts eventually, by their number, set the forces of gentrification into motion that will eventually drive the rents up and the initial tenants out.  Today in Greenpoint, historic waterfront buildings, long abandoned of life and value, are filling with start-ups, tech companies (think Kickstarter, headquarted across the street) and expensive condominium make-overs.  Most of the hulking brick buildings along the 10-block waterfront fall into two categories:  those being converted into luxury loft apartments or those being torn down to make way for a new high-rise residential towers with million-dollar views of midtown Manhattan across the East River, as in the view below.

We will not last long in this neighborhood, but it's nice to know that the space behind the studio is not likely to change.  It has already been converted into a waterfront park with a new pedestrian pier jutting out hundreds of yards into the East River.  The shot on the top left was taken in an ally adjacent to the studio and on the top right you'll find Bond doing his titanic best to find a fitting pose on the new pier.  Immediately above, Alex preps Bond for the camera and in the shot below you can see Bond with a restaurant-bar-barge and encroaching development behind him.

We are holding off formally opening a new gallery with Bond's 2017 photo sessions until more work has been processed.  But as several images have already appeared on the studio's Instagram feed, it's time to make room for some new Bond shots on the website.  A Preview Folder can now be found in Bond's gallery.  You'll find work from both the Fort Lauderdale and Brooklyn sessions.  From time to time we will drop new edits into the folder.  

By the end of the summer, BOND 2017 should be coming online.  Be notified when it happens by subscribing to the blog using the button at the bottom of the page.

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Russians 3. Romans 2. Roman is not a common name.  Not in New York, at least.  I found it amusing that out of the 80-or-so models who currently have galleries on our site, we now have two Romans.  

Apparently it's a much more common name in Russia.  Both our Romans are Russians.  Together they comprise two-thirds of the Russians in our portfolio.

Our latest Roman, the 24-year-old fitness model, Roman Bekker, shall henceforth be referred to as Roman 2 at New Manhattan Studios.  He joins fellow Russians Roman Khodorov (another fitness model) and Dzmitriy Moon (a fashion model with A&F to his credits).  We could play this game all night, apparently.  Dzmitriy is the original Russian on the site but the second Dzmitry.  He joins DZmitry Patuk, a European fashion and fitness model from Belarus.

Roman 2's session this month marked our first outing in a new home for the studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  As with our previous space in Long Island City, this is one of the city's trendier nabes where the likes of Kickstarter mix it up with various tech and green companies in an old working-class neighborhood.  True to the style of the millenials who populate the area, our new home, in a Civil-War era rope factory on the Brooklyn waterfront, could easily be confused with a loft building south of Market in San Francisco.  With spacious, well-lit hallways, communal lounges and bicycle rooms on every floor, all traces of the grim Victorian-era sweatshop have been vanished in an amazingly well-preserved architectural gem that dates to the late 1800s.  In a shoot scheduled for June first, we will be working outside the building and hope to soon have pictures of the neighborhood to share.

Of note, Roman's session was a joint photo shoot with our friend Keith Ingram (left), a talented photographer from San Francisco who shot with us in Hollywood last fall.  (More about that, later.)  Keith had separately arranged to work with Roman on his trip to New York and when he had the opportunity to extend his session with the model into a second day, I offered the studio space.  Amusingly, I already had Roman's name penciled in on the calendar at New Manhattan Studios.  Later this summer we plan to do a session together with the body painter Charles Zambrano.  (More about that later, too.)

We certainly hope to be adding more to Roman 2's folders in the future.  In the meantime, a gallery of his first session with the studio can be found here.  Additional images have been added to the "Recent Work" section of the Fine Art Galleries.

Not to be evasive, the session on June first is with one of the studio's most popular models, Bond.  He passes through New York on his way to Iceland and will be the second model in the new space.  This will be our second session with Bond in 2017.  You can find previews of the new work on our Instagram feed.  Bond's new galleries are coming soon.  Stay tuned for more on those Hollywood sessions, too!  Subscribe to the blog's RSS feed using the button at the bottom left and don't miss the updates.


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The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!  

At the risk of provoking political backlash in 2017, we pay homage to the 1966 comedy, The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! a delightful period piece satirizing life in an era when fear of Russia was paramount in American minds and culture.  In addition to a few good laughs at the expense of our overzealous national paranoias, the movie provided a breakthrough role for 60s' heartthrob, John Philip Law, who went on to star opposite Jane Fonda in Barbarella, an action adventure with more flesh than plot.  

Whether or not the phrase once again conjures images of cold war and espionage, the Russians are coming! is an apt description of the studio's schedule in recent months.  We are happy to report that our Russians are every bit as cute as the young Mr. Law; all accomplished physique models proud to display ample amounts of chiseled flesh.

Reflecting the sizable Russian and European immigrant communities in metropolitan New York and a constant flow of international models passing through the city, the studio has an exceptionally high percentage of East European models in its portfolio, with models representing Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary and Poland.  But the Russians?  We now have five.

Ivan is the first of two Russians whose work we are debuting this month and the third Russian we have added to the portfolio this year.  

Ivan.  It doesn't get more Russian than that.  This first-generation Russian-American holds a day job as a construction project manager in New Jersey while pursing acting and modeling gigs in the city (when not working out).  The facial hair (which came off a third of the way into our session) is all about giving some "gravitas" to this 20-something who supervises a largely-older construction crew.  Our photo session was to compliment each others' portfolios.  We trust you'll agree that Ivan's gallery is an asset to the studio's portfolio.  His torso is one of the most impressive physiques we've photographed since our last Russian model, Roman.  

In addition to two dozen shots in Ivan's Gallery, you'll find an additional collection of contemporary physique art featuring Ivan in the Recent Additions section of our Fine Art Galleries.

Be sure to come back next week for our third Russian (and second Roman).

The Russians are coming.  The Russians are coming!



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Dustin Arrives. By way of California and Instagram In more ways than one, the gallery that we open for Dustin exemplifies the changes rippling through the studio and its work.  As we move further away from our commercial roots, fewer and fewer of our sessions contain the type of fashion and fitness portfolio work that once was the studio’s mainstay.   Moving forward, an increasing majority of our work is being done in the name of art.

Compared to the commercial nature of the fashion and fitness portfolio sessions that preceded them, our non-commercial sessions now have a more single-minded focus, in pursuit of narrower artistic objectives. Overall, less time is being spent in the studio and more time is being spent on publishing and post-processing as we continue expanding our creative wings, sometimes more successfully than others.

This 6’ fashion and fitness model calls both New York and California home, but between his trips to Europe and the West Coast, we managed find time to shoot together twice last year.  Dustin is a familiar sight to many.  An established model, his visage has graced runways, printed pages and computer screens for a number of years in any number of modeling assignments.  

Our last session was briefer than normal and we parted with plans to work together again. Accordingly, we have held off publishing any of his work until we completed the anticipated session.  For the time being, we have concluded that Dustin is somewhere to be found between between his homes and Dubai or Hong Kong.  When we might get him back in front of our lenses is anyone’s guess so it's time to go public with our work-to-date.

The opening of Dustin’s gallery also reflects the way in which the Internet is changing our marketing and the extent to which one application, Instagram, is driving the schedule today.  As recently as a year ago, these blog entries, marking the opening new galleries, were where we debuted our latest work and newest models.  Today, the perceived need to feed the ubiquitous photo-sharing service with two or three photos a day means that the first place you are going to see our newest work is on Instagram.  We started posted initial edits from Dustin's work on Instagram a few months ago.

But a few pictures here and there do not a collection make; there will always be new galleries (albeit smaller, and more focused) opening on the site. And owing to the nature and limitations of Instagram's broad public platform, there will always be a place and a role for the studio’s website galleries.  A substantial portion of the studio’s work will never clear the “community standards” guidelines of most social media. 

And to prove our points, check out Dustin's new folder here.  It was harder to separate the "art" executions from the rest of the collection, so we default to an old custom:  anything requiring a (digital) figleaf will be found the the Fine Art galleries.  (Dustin's work can be found in the "recent additions" folder.)

The bottom line is this:  the world of 2017 is such that if you want to see the studio’s newest models (before they appear here), log into Instagram and start following newmanhattanstudios.  Then plan to come back here, as well.  This is where the good stuff lives.  The stuff that can’t be shared on Instagram.  Blog entries may be a bit less frequent in the future; to make sure you don't miss any, subscribe to the RSS feed by using the button on the lower left-hand corner of the screen.


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The Private Portfolio Series at New Manhattan Studios  

For many, the news here is the release of the digital version of Bond:  Private Portfolio 2.  This is a sequel to Bond's first portfolio and the two books span 24 months in the life of one of the studio's most popular models.  Both the print and digital versions are now on sale here.  You can read more about the book in last month's blog entry, when the hardcover edition was released.

Books labeled Private Portfolio have quietly resided on a back shelf of our website since 2014.  With the release of Bond: Private Portfolio 2, the fourth book, it's time to promote a trio of books into a series.  (And a fifth is on its way!)


The Private Portfolio Series



ALEX - 2014

WILLI - 2015

BOND - 2015

BOND 2 - 2016

OLEKS - 2017


The Private Portfolio Series is a collection of single-model portfolios featuring models with whom the studio has had multiple sessions. This is the uncensored work from their sessions, including many explicit photographs and art nude studies.

We place no restrictions on the type of work included in the series and each book is as unique as the model with whom we were collaborating.  Photography in the series ranges from fashion and fitness work of a commercial nature to physique and art nude studies. Occasionally models have done softly erotic work and almost always you will find casual behind-the-scenes shots along with formal physique poses.

The series showcases the best of our work with the featured models. As such, some images may be in public circulation, others may have been published in Captured Shadows or other studio publications, but most of the photography in each book is previously-unpublished art, available from us only in this series.

Perhaps the most compelling part of these collections is the addition of the temporal dimension:  the study of a single subject over a period of time. In the case of these young men, you are witness to their maturing physiques, nothing less than the principal focus of our work.  You are watching the body changing over time.  These books capture the models' changing looks over 18 to 30 months during their early 

The Private Portfolio Series is published as ebooks and as deluxe, hard-bound editions printed on premium paper.  A Deluxe Collector's Edition is available for most books; printed on our highest quality ProLine Pearl Photo Paper, each copy is signed and personalized by the model. Costs for print editions vary depending on length.





]]> (New Manhattan Studios) Alex Bond Willi art male model nude physique Wed, 01 Mar 2017 00:36:00 GMT
The Roman From Russia Roman.  How aptly named.  With his classic features and shredded physique, this man could have modeled for the face of ancient coins.  This Russian fitness model and internet celebrity sports one of the most impressive physiques to ever step before our cameras.  

In many ways, Roman and this blog entry reflects the shift in focus of the studio's business and website that has been occurring for many months. Traditionally we have used the blog to announce the opening of galleries of recently-completed work.  Our session with this model took place in mid-2016.  In order to have a full complement of images to populate a gallery, Roman's photos, most edited months ago, have remained hidden from view, waiting for "the full set" to be finished. This made sense when most of our work was portfolio sessions for models and actors.  There was a tight definition as to what was being created, it was strictly commercial in nature and often had a fashion-focus and a model expecting to see edited work in a quick-turnaround.  There was a consistency to the type of images being generated.  The studio no longer works this way.

There are three photographers associated with New Manhattan Studios, and as the lead photographer, I set the pace and direction.  In what has been a slow-moving process, the studio has shifted its focus as I have moved into semi-retirement.  As of the end of 2016, we have wound down our commercial work and tightened the focus of our activity to physique art photography.  "Art for art's sake."  Finally.

As a result, you can expect our work to look less commercial and the models to have more consistently impressive physiques as we choose the models for our various artistic projects and publishing endeavors.  More and more of our shooting will occur out of the studio and on travels around the country.  Most of it will be in pursuit of art for the Fine Art galleries and Captured Shadows.

The fact that we are based in one of the modeling capitals of the world means that we will not close our doors to all commercial work.  We still accept assignments that align with our focus on the male torso and physique art photography.  We still do physique sessions for fitness models. We still offer TFP sessions and Dude-oir sessions for singles or couples.  

We still shoot on demand; we just aim a bit more precisely when we shoot.  And we continue to seek models for our physique art sessions.  As always, we are happy to schedule sessions with qualified fitness models.  We source the models for our art projects from the men passing through the studio, whether it's a model passing through New York (as was the case with Roman) or a gym-buddy referral from another model.  

Roman is a good example of the always-on-the-move international model and an excellent example of the type of fame that attaches to models today.  An internet celebrity in his milieu of models and body-builders, he has a sizable following on a number of social media platforms.  His Moscow manager arranged for his fitness shoot on a recent trip to New York and we got in a quick physique art shoot at the end of his session.  With not enough variety to populate one of our standard model galleries, the photography is only now being made public.

gallery has been opened for Roman's fitness shots and a number of his images have been placed in the Fine Art Galleries.  As more captures from his session are edited to meet our publishing needs, more photos will be added to the online galleries.  

Going forward, we expect this will be the pattern for opening and filling individual model galleries on the site.  Content will be more physique- and fitness-oriented and art will be dropped into the galleries as it is tackled and finished in connection with various studio projects.

The other change in the studio's operating pattern is the growing portion of our time that is being devoted to publishing and distributing our work.  Fewer photo shoots, more finished art for the Fine Art Galleries and the studio's publications.  To that end, in a few days we will be announcing the release of the first of two books scheduled for this year, both part of our Private Portfolio Series.  More on that in a later post when we release Bond:  Private Portfolio 2 as a print and digital book.

If you haven't already done so, you can subscribe to the blog as an RSS feed by clicking on the button on the lower left.

Wesley Triplett





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Bond: Private Portfolio 2 NOW ON SALE:         Bond:  Private Portfolio 2


Bond fans have patiently awaited the followup to Bond: The Private Portfolio, published in 2015.  The wait is over.  

The Private Portfolio series features the uncensored work of New Manhattan Studios.  This book has 62 pages of art nude and physique art studies taken in both New York and California during our second year of working with the man who has turned out to be the studio's most popular model. Most of the images (the work of three staff photographers, Alex Bustamante, Wm Weyeneth and Wes Triplett) have never been published.  Together, they represent a definitive collection of the best of our most recent work with Bond.  Captured over the course of six months, the collection is a fitting sequel to his first private portfolio, featuring our work during the first year of his modeling career.

Bond does not disappoint his fans as he turns up the heat in a series of casual, lifestyle essays to complement the more formal art nude studies.  As he matures as a model, the confidence and command that he brings to his work is palpable. This is Bond as you've never seen him: bold, wet and steamy.








The print version was released in late January to coincide with a sale offered by our printer.  

The deluxe, hardcover Collectors' Edition is printed on premium lustre paper with a hard-cover image wrap. The softcover version is printed on standard paper.

62 uncensored pages (8×10 in, 20×25 cm) in color and B&W.

  • $79.50 Collector's Edition
  • $49.50 Softcover Edition 
  • $24.50 Ebook Edition (late winter release)



Click here to preview and order



LEFT:  Bond at Alex and work on the "Mariner" set, one of five studies of Bond Brown in Private Portfolio 2

Click here to preview and order a hard copy edition of Private Portfolio 2 (or any other NMS publication) 


Find all NMS publications 

You can receive notice on the full release of Private Portfolio 2, including the electronic edition, by subscribing to the blog using the button on the bottom left or by clicking here.

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Chippendales Application


We open a most unusual gallery today for Ronan.  It is not work that we ever expected to see the light of day again as it represents the studio’s first commercial assignment.  It's a job that predates, actually, the founding of New Manhattan Studios.  We wound up pulling the files as part of our response to a request from Tye Briggs at Favorite Hunks

Starting with the New Year, FH is running a series with photographers reminiscing about the first time they had a nude model in front of their camera.  The clever reader can deduce what role Mr. Ronan might have played in the studio’s history, but for the story, you’ll have to head over to Favorite Hunks.

Ronan’s gallery will only be up for a limited period of time.  Dated as it is, it does not represent our current shooting and editing styles.  As such, think of it as part of our Fifth Anniversary celebrations, a brief look back at an historic artifact.  Ronan was a local body-builder who sought us out to take pictures for his application to be a dancer at Chippendale’s.  There’s more to the story, of course (and more pictures) at FH.

What digging into Ronan’s file taught us, again, is that we see things with a very different eye now.  I cannot go back into an old folder without wondering why I chose to edit the pictures I did.  Invariably I find images that interest me now but failed to catch my eye then.  It was fun, while in Ronan’s folder, to pull out a few newly-discovered images.  The gallery that opens today contains three such current edits of images that were captured prior to the studio’s opening in 2011.



The work we'll be posting in 2017 contains a goodly number of body-builders and gym rats as, increasingly, we train our cameras on the torso as our principal subject matter.  It is especially interesting, therefore, to revisit early physique models that we shot, searching through unedited files for hidden gems that catch our contemporary eye. 

While the external archive drive was plugged in, I seized the chance to pull a couple of new shots out of Karl Simon’s folder from 2012.  I was struck by how different the lighting and posing techniques were from the work done just a year earlier with Ronan.  It spoke volumes about the experience levels of both the models and the photographer.

Karl Simon (right) was named by DNA magazine as one of ten sexiest men of 2015.  Our work with the Scandinavian fitness model was done three years earlier when he was in his late 20s, babyface notwithstanding.  What I recall most from our session was that Karl had been up since 5:00 AM in Stockholm and had come to the studio directly from JFK.  He wanted to shoot on the roof, in front of the Empire State Building at night.  We shot until 11:00 PM, New York City time, by which point he had been up for 24 hours and looked none the worse for wear, as his photos show.  The new edits of Karl’s work can be found in the Recent Works section of the Fine Art Gallery

Over the next few months we plan to revisit some of our earlier sessions, searching for the elusive captures that slipped under our gaze the first pass through.  We’ll be sprinkling more into the Fine Art Galleries as we find them.


You can stay up to date with the studio’s newest content and models by using the button at the bottom left to subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog.  You can also follow us on Instagram with the name below.

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New Year's Man for 2017


For four spins of the calendar, we have used the first posting of the New Year to pay tribute to notable models that have passed through the studio.

We hesitate to call the distinction our man of the year.  That honorific seems to carry too much weight and baggage.  Instead we pay tribute under the banner of our Man for New Year’s Day. It suggests a tighter focus in time while mischievously pointing a finger at the fleeting nature of our fads and fashions and illuminating how fluid our concept of masculinity is. 

In some respects, we see our selection as more a “man of the hour” (as is literally suggested in the accompanying photo essay that appears on New Year's Eve on Favorite Hunks).  This is our man for the New Year.  This is our submission to the collective album of once-in-a-year snapshots of what our culture looks like as the clock strikes midnight and the calendar pages turn.  Here is a man who well represents his generation.  This is the style.  This is the look.  This is who and what we admired at the start of 2017.  

Appropriately, the first model to appear on the blog in January of 2014 was Bond.  The focus was on the studio’s new facilities in Long Island City and there was no suggestion that the model exemplified anything more than an aspiring model who had just finished his first photo session.  Prescient posting that it was, however, Bond went on to take the studio and its fans by storm, earning a distinction that year that he still holds:  one of the studio’s most popular models.  If the blog had started earlier, no doubt the lead models of earlier years would have been DZmitry, the fashion and runway model that was an early face of the studio and Alex, the first model that we consistently shot, the PA/cameraman/stylist/muse of the studio.

At the end of the site’s first year we chose to debut our work with one of the most-photographed models of the previous 12 months, Oleksandr.  In what was our first New Year's tribute, we gave 2015's lead slot to the runway model with a winning personality that matched his well-honed, kick boxer physique.  We started 2016 by paying tribute to Timothy a model with whom we had worked since a session in the Berkshires in 2013. We were able to capture the young model three times during his first year in New York and it became the focus of a cover story in Captured Shadows #3.   

But this is more, of course, than just citing a model as exemplary of the look and feel of his times.  We also pay tribute to these men as models as to these models as men.  In this regard, few models have warranted a turn in the limelight more than this man. 

In the two years that we have worked with him we have admired his dedication to his physique work.  From Day I, he has had one of the most impressive torsos we've ever shot and we have seen the man blossom into a confident, accomplished model as he has continued to hone and chisel his physique.  For personal, professional and physical growth alone, this man deserves an award. 

We are talking about Norm, 18 and just out of high school when he walked into the studio, accompanied by his gym buddy, Alex, then the studio’s stylist/PA.  

Norm is 20 now.  Work from his fourth and fifth sessions, captured late in the year, is being debuted over the holiday weekend on both our blog and on Favorite Hunks.  We had brought Norm back into the studio for a new fitness & physique session that included some art nude work.  While there, we had planned to capture additional work for a holiday-themed feature on Favorite Hunks.  The “New Year’s Eve” shots didn’t turn out as we had hoped and Norm agreed to return for a second session to continue working on the theme.

The result was two photo sessions, both yielding some holiday art but with very different looks and little, if anything, to tie them together.  We're happy to use some of the holiday art for the blog entry here, as it works quite nicely with the focus on the man of the midnight hour.  For the purposes of displaying the work in Norm's galleries, we will take a cue from Favorite Hunks and group the photos into the Midnight Hour and New Year's Morning sessions.  Additional physique art and art nudes from the two sessions can be found in the Fine Art Galleries.

As we approach the second anniversary of our collaboration, we are planning new session to document the progress.  Norm had started bulking up when we shot him in December.  By February the shredding will be complete and we'll have a new look:  Norm 2017.  

It's a date.  The lights will be ready.  Quite fittingly for the man of the hour, Norm epitomizes the ripped torso and defined physique that we prize in our photography as we start our sixth year as a studio.

As we hand Norm the honor of being the lead model in 2017, we look forward to the year ahead as much as we honor past work.  We anticipate seeing more of this model in the future and hope to document his personal and professional growth for years to come.


                    *   *   *   *   *


Speaking of the year to come, we will start posting the many models captured in the fall of 2016 as we roll into the New Year.  You can preview the upcoming models here.  A new issue of Captured Shadows is in the works, as are two new studio publications featuring the models cited above, Bond and Oleks.

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Peeking into 2017 It has not gone without notice (or comment) that there have been fewer postings to the blog (and few new galleries opened) in the past few months.  Rest assured, New Manhattan Studios is not slowing down.  If anything, New Manhattan Studios is busier than ever.  

We have noticed a cyclical pattern to the studio's work flow that is more pronounced than ever this year.  Fall is the season that we typically devote to getting the studio's work into print.  This year our publishing schedule has virtually overrun all work on the blog and website.  Indeed, in addition to having released the latest edition of Captured Shadows (Issue #4), we have started work on the fifth issue (due out this winter) and have prepared two new books for publication.  Bond:  Private Portfolio 2 will be released in the next few weeks and Oleks:  The Private Portfolio, will follow soon thereafter.


In the meantime, we have not stopped shooting.  In fact, we have models waiting in the wings (and in the studio, and down by the pool, and even a few in the bedroom).  

In addition to three new studio sessions yet to be posted, we did sessions with eight models in California in September, all of which will be appearing on the site in the coming months.  The New York City studio sessions include three new models:  Dustin, Ivan and Roman.  You'll be seeing work with five more new models (Brandon, Bryce, Mason, Tony and Zack) shot in Hollywood, plus a sixth, Renn, captured in Santa Cruz.   Finally, we will be posting new work with Andrew and Alex that was shot in San Francisco.

You will be seeing some changes on the website in the coming months that reflect the changing nature of the studio's focus.  We are slowly winding down much of the studio's commercial work and devoting more and more time to physique art photography and our publishing endeavors.  

But first up, to start the new year, next week we'll be posting our annual New Year's Day feature:  the studio's Man of the Year, showcasing work with one of the studio's most ripped physiques.  With so many models passing before the studio's cameras this year, it has not been an easy choice.  Come back on New Year's Eve to see the featured model.



In the meantime the studio wishes a happy holiday season to all, and to all, a new year filled with joy, beauty and ripped men.


Wes Triplett, lead photographer

Alex Bustamante, photographer and model

Wm Weyeneth, photographer and editor in chief





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